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Yeah here's having top. Four is Hannah and CALC- Z.. Kelly and Maddie. I could see that lock it in the girl. Looks like Jimmy Nicholas Day. She cries a little bit Actually but I think she'll be tough for. Isn't that the one that is caught in a lie. Though this week with will damn Mike Are you gonNA come to Paradise or no coming back doc. What's happening if I'll come back on dam? Sure GonNA be able to do a handstand. And I'm going to have a better by even tyler. Does that mean come into Mexico. Of course not my boy tyler. Doing too let me get things. Yeah he might come just like spice upsmanship because all the girls probably WANNA jump on. Yeah that'd be Super Fun. Actually that'll be some good drama. Tom Long relationship. Compared is in how it comes out there with Speedo my John Paul Jones wears Larry's it we don't done you will. What do I do now? Own God I cannot wait. Can't wait my Johnson. The name of the show is your favorite thing podcast. We need to know some of your favorite things. What shows you binging? What books are you reading what music? You're listening to that kind of stuff. You name of all of them Gasco Gil at nighttime. I might have drinker too. I love watching big mouse on Netflix. Oh yeah yeah that's nick. Kroll show is freaking hilarious. I Love Oh big now. Yeah no probably they probably think I'm watching like some serious history documentaries actually like I do like a good one. I'm listening to a lot of rowdy. Bridge right now. You Know Selena Gomez. She was saying that she really wanted. I WANNA be number one and Rien rich had a tweet out something like hey go. Shrimp Selena Gomez Album. I thought it was dope with him to do. When I'm at the club's I'm definitely drinking? When my my booty friends one thousand nine hundred eighty two? Oh Okay and what. My Friend Drank Samarodov twenty. Twenty uh-huh I mean ain't bad. It's just some shit hot college. I used to drink that shit till to my favorite financial book. Is this right here. One up on Wall Street. It's like a frigging encyclopedia. I love this book as well. Power of your subconscious mind Joseph Murray. He's Mike Smart gets a million books in my little book. Show right here. It's kind of funny guide to Kink. Mike there's so many sites you just can't keep up. You are very multi dimensional. Mike thank you so much for coming on wife t I miss you and I love And all right I'll say you should have been the bachelor. I thought my God I am because be mad about. It was just really trying to get Derek win but like now listening to like the ultimate guide to kink windmills. Ain't got shit on the ultimate guide to kink stray drew. So Young. All right buddy. Well thanks so much for coming on the show Dude Michigan. I love you and I hope to see you soon. We'll so do y'all have a great day letter did. How great is Mike so Great? Seriously if I was single I on my ass big enough for him I just. I'd like to thank it is but I just don't know okay. Well you got anything else now. Going to catch a flight going to Hartford referred Connecticut and then I think it's about a little hour drive and then playing at Mohegan Sun tomorrow. I'm going to be in. New York are all next week. So you Catch trading in the city. Hit me up probably won't well Michelle lovey brand new. Yeah I the I hate women out here. Plan names on people. It's gotta be..

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