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Voted early court burnley oh county the most populous county over thirty three thousand people already voted look at bernalillo county that has been trending blue democrat look at the mayor oral action where democrats turned out more than republicans devote early which is and of against the norm usually republican voter really burnley early voting of course they have big elections tomorrow as well especially congressional district number one burleigh county thirty three thousand one hundred and ninety nine have voted early of those voting early democrats thirty three thousand ends a total remember that number thirty three thousand democrats voting nearly twenty nine thousand six hundred republicans nine thousand libertarians one hundred and eighteen catcher malady it's of interesting catcher in county cavan county is a cool county total population a kendrick counties like four thousand people extremely rural lottery ranchers lot of beautiful country two hundred sixty two republican voted early and catching county seventy two democrats all right closer to home los alamos early voting democrats fourteen hundred republican five hundred libertarians thirteen fifteen people fourteen hundred democrats voted early so it's it's really turned around us to be republicans would vote early democrats would wait until election day los alamos county fourteen hundred democrats voted early in person or absentee fourteen hundred five hundred rs rio arriba county espanola area i like us early voting and rear reba county which in his saturday democrats twenty nine hundred and twenty five republicans one hundred and fifty enclose twenty nine hundred democrats one hundred fifty republicans libertarians did well three libertarians three zero three total libertarians i don't libertarians maybe they just all wait until election i don't know i thought there was more of you i thought there's more of them how many democrats voted early in santa fe county nine thousand five hundred and twenty eight one tenth of that less than a tenth republicans ninety five hundred twenty eight democrats nine hundred and twentyfive period republicans and seventeen libertarians ninety five hundred democrats all right last one towse twenty five hundred almost exactly twenty five hundred democrats voted early and towels county libertarians eight republicans one hundred fifty five entails county so by far early voting totals favor democrats by a bazillion or more santa fe police department are still advising to avoid the areas of rodeo.

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