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Petition was circulated by the public Transit public Good Coalition. Hundreds of residents. Also signing on. There was chaos this morning in Chelsea, a car took off from a state police traffic stop and then ended up crashing into a liquor store at the intersection of Williams and Chestnut streets. The suspect vehicle hitting another car at the intersection before striking that bill building. The male driver and female passenger took off. The man was captured. Police are still looking for the woman. Two people in that other car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Three Oh, three. It's time to check traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and you are going to start where Mike What do we start north of the city this time around here, Ben, With 93 north. It is just heavy and slow from the second bridge. Most of the way up to 1 28 about 26 minutes there. Boston up to Woburn. After that. It is slow going for a while. Up to Wilmington Up to land over now, getting word of a new crop problem by rule. 1 33. So, yeah, problems there. Delays on 1 28 north, Coming up to Lexington route 38 up past 93 southbound in the red from Route one back through Linfield as well now elsewhere to the north route, northbound all brake lights, sergeant straight up past Lynn Street and Revere and then Coming up towards the Lindfield tunnel. The South Expressway just crawling out of the tunnel down to the gas tank and then slow building from granted of right down to route 24 North bound. You rent it from granted about passing upon its circle. Really not terrible. After that route three North is pretty terrible route 53 up and to hang him from earlier problems there. Southbound, Usual. Stop and go out of Braintree. Down towards derbies. 321 28 south, lots of brake lights coming down past Route nine and Highland Ave. And then down through did um to Downtown store. Oh, drives backed up coming in deliberate circle, the lower decks back neighborhood park, the westbound connector tunnels all jammed up and then the mass Turnpike westbound, slow building out past Newton corner. It isn't terrible After that, my king Deputy bc's Traffic on the three We've got the hot weather this afternoon and heat advisories in effect until tomorrow evening. There could be a stray thunderstorm in a couple of spots early this evening, Otherwise It's just going to be sticky and messy and.

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