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In New York. You can reach us Look, we have talked about a lot is real. What's going on in our borders? The reaction to the squad? And we have even more coming. If you were paying to the attention. If you were paying attention to the news this week, you could not help but see story after story after story from the mainstream press And defense. Representative Cheney. Who was high, you know all of a sudden, this woman Is considered to be America's foremost conservative by the mainstream media doing battle against the evil trump. And the Republicans air supposedly acting like horrid sheet when they tossed her out of her number three leadership position. First of all, who cares who's in leadership. Most people don't even know Who's in leadership because it's very rarely reported. You may see the the minority leader out there. You may see the of course everyone knows who Pelosi is. But how many people even know who her second is. Who's her? Third who's the third ranking member in the Democrat Party? Most people don't know they don't care but all of a sudden, the third ranking member in House leadership Is the most important figure in America. And we have, um, at least define it. Now has taken over that position and the smear jobs on New York representative at least two phonic were totally amazing. That stuff will get into with diet without domestic policy adviser Diana me you're welcome to weigh in on the two and anything else that you have heard about so far or that you want to comment on that was in the news this week. James Golden a case Nerva You want to talk with me? 808 48 w A B C 8489222. There was some other stories, but first even before I get to the new stories, let me just thank you all about something. I am the host of a Podcast. That was released this Wednesday. Rush Limbaugh on the man behind the golden key. I'd be microphone. And this podcast is a 12 part series on Russia's life. I was honored Beyond measure When I was asked if I would be the host of this And Already it has become one of the most popular podcast. The first episode in the United States. We we got Rankings on that yesterday. It was released yesterday. So I invite those of you who interested? And listening to that podcast. Downloaded from wherever you get podcast. I hope we linked to it here. W A. B. C On my page. And I just want to thank all those involved. Two amazing producers Chris Kelly, Phil Tower, working with me on that We've got more episodes. It'll be dropping one per week. And thanks to all of you who have shown interest in that And who have made such amazing comments about it. I want to turn back right now. The immigration yesterday, Joe Biden had six illegal immigrants. With him in the Oval Office. To make a point about DACA. This is what we're getting from this administration. There is nothing illegal about illegal immigration. There is nothing in there. Policy to protect American borders as you've just heard. From Tom Homan. Representative Kim Young Kim. In Texas, says that the cartels are thriving. And they're also putting migrants coming into the United States at risk. There was a story this week that broke my heart and I and if you saw it, I hope it broke your heart, too, because it's unconscionable. A 13 year old girl. Wandered. Across the Mexican border into America unaccompanied all alone had no way To reach after she turned herself in. To our border agents. They tried to contact her parents in Mexico. There's no way to even reach the parents she sent alone. Across a country 13 year old girl. By herself. No adult at all. Nobody with her. This is insanity on parade as dangerous a world as we live in You have this going on large scale of our border makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. What is also not making sense is what's going on in energy. The pipeline shutdown to hackers. With many people across the Eastern seaboard scrambling for gas. While that's going on, we learned that energy Secretary Jennifer Grand home. Has a stake. And energy.

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