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To the people that hate us. Our guest today is someone who is perhaps even more at home in a pair of high heels than our to jordan the actor former king of the jungle and renowned pantomime dame christopher biggins. Hello christopher we're doing very well thank you won't do you make all of our children. In the castle. I say the moment he threw up on the cliffs he was my widow iphone vulnerability of him. And i know what it's like that i initial thing i mean i was very lucky i was. I came in three days late. Into and i have to fly in. I didn't have to be jumped in. I didn't have to. I did not think. All i did was walk. It's act and i won't enjoy an is the alive challenge Which was very terrifying serapheim. Because i was behind a bush to go on. And i could hear this. American voice of a woman called janice dickinson to be the most hideous woman. I've ever been in my life and she She then proceeded to do that. She was charming but anyway she. We did the challenge and she didn't do one single thing. I did everything. And i want all the south side. This is interesting. Then i found out what a vile woman she was. So and of course we were down to the last two in the jungle and i was convinced she wanted. She was convicted. When it was announced that i'd shaved got up literally got up. Went to a car. Go to which the apple was very funny. You keep in touch on every day when you're in the jungle you're on the edge of y'all wooden stool oil log Anticipation the fact that antagonise say your victims but joan. Wait we out tonight. Joel is without doubt my winner from day. One i as i say for the throughout my widow not some. He'll be thrilled to hear that. He's been absolutely charming I i think he's just handled it brilliantly. He's bay people love. He loves it excels and where people come to me for advice. If they're going into the jungle and my advice always be yourself and he is. I of course i. I've never heard of it before this show. And i but i sincerely believe is being himself. He could not make that up. yeah he is. He is being as charming and lovely. Thanks for eleven years the listeners. Listen to this for three years. And i was at the whether you detected this with any of the other series christopher it sort of is a little bit in the hands of those registering interests to how much of your personality is. Put out there while editing is the key to this show and in fact you. You can't win or lose by the editing. I mean you look at someone like eight who i've met. Who's a charming young man and a very good set. But apparently he's just coming over his dallas ditch water. And i think he's not being given his chance. I mean i may be wrong. That she really is does ditch water and nobody wants to. He certainly not being given shops. And that was when he and At the east end the guy Chain ritchie shane. Richie had a moment about washing out. And they will wonderful look scary back since always that it was a knox ever gonna do the challenge. That hasn't other than that. And actually the chain has been such a positive of the tiny bit attention that has been in this series. But it hasn't it hasn't been very tense camp really sort of gone now. I think i think that's very unfortunate one of the things. I put it down to the council because i think the cost is too big to spread like finish. They will sleeping area. They've got a sitting area. They've got a washington. We never had any of that. I mean we did have a. We have to go down to the pool in wash so that that that was that. But you they're all over the place you there's not one place saint consequently no one's gone on top of each other and of course at the end of the day it's all very nice to everybody will take it all but it's not fun fun for the audience point of view they to see browns. They want to see you. Jillian mckee's saints and all that sorta thing go on. I mean it's hysterical. When that happens and you want someone to really hate if you possibly can. We're entering the the final week intention. Is this sort of the point where it all does as you get rid of a few personalities as well as this more tension could come. Yes i think. I think tension could stop build in a in a very big way. I mean it was evident with aj at the top business which has been that befall because shade obviously doesn't like to wash up and there's the state of those patents. He left stand disgusting. You put that his law maxi the queen which navy in it would not. You wouldn't put it in front of a trump and he didn't like being pulled up on entity there. He did not. I mean he's he's clever shane. He's not putting the business so he's very funny. I mean he's very funny deed. But i mean i think it's the council is being great but i hope they go back there. I mean if i was going to the jungle this year i would have been very disappointed to go into the castle. I must say because speech freezing in that. Yeah i think that's why they give them wolves because otherwise they don't get pneumonia. That's been great. Tv a distant for death. Now i you. When you were that in the jungle in australia you joined in your hammock by a rent when you were sleeping now as listeners will know i was petrified of rats. I had hypnotherapy before i watched this this series so i could just cope with watching jordan potentially do things with rents. How was rationed hammock. How did you we. You sched- well i tell you what 'cause we we Rich self. we had a chat. I to go breakfast. And we had to go to an underground room and we got down. We walked down into the underground room and the dole slammed behind us. And we were in that that was just too from six very tight hammocks and we looked around. That was a poll to in the cold and there was nothing else and out. Where we suddenly saw a rat arise we we screamed we jumped onto the the hammocks which was very precarious. And you'd full off immediately as we jumped onto them. We were aware they've letted two hundred. Rats oh my go into this area now. It was nighttime so they had a night camera office. Which was that was brilliant. Actually because we did manage to fall asleep at night but we decided if one got on top of us that would be we'd say So anyway time goes on. And i fall asleep and then i wake up and i'm sure that somebody instead i in the dark. I'm convinced it's my water bottle fact. It's iraq which. I really got my hands on. And the ranch's won't be around my crotch And then what i do. I cover a sheet with the rats of the rack now covered and and i lay back again. I sort of go back to sleep. And then the rat comes out from underneath the cover and a night touch it and ice cream and i threw it against the wool where we can confined of the cell. And that's where history was made is one of the funniest moments i think they've ever had and ice cream. Oh my god gated off me. Get off me and it was. It was perfect..

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