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Let's see if you from the corner shirt his parents love the moving in only comic book movies and his question is of course comic related in which he just wants to hear a little more about the device of using comics in the movie when at one of the great things that you did in it was actually you did the kind of if you build it they will come moment in which although it's a fake part of the comic these map coordinates they lead to somewhere and all the kids know about them so although it was from someone's imagination that marvel presumably in this universe it still is a real salvation for them of sorts and strangely there is someone telling them to go over the border whose french now we know well surrender that makes rents yes sir target talk about that with a comic well the it's interesting i mean there is a whole bunch of things that that touch came from one was uh uh and i'm not sure which was first but we needed i mean literally i remember just beating out things with scott pacing around in a hotel one day and trying to figure out how does lauren know where she needs to go why out she nowhere what is this we need a destination you know three to any you but you have to get to the freetown the yuma well in this movie where are you trying to get and why and the idea that the goal or the place they have to go would be something that logan looks at is farcical was really helpful to writing logan meaning so that the mechanics of having a child saying take me here and in going it's bullshit no it's bullshit you know and that that's more interesting than him going i don't want to go there or or meeting that his relationship to the goal of the film in the movement forward of the film becomes one of of that's more interesting if you will but it was also shaped by other stuff like i can't tell you what's first or second in unforgiven which was also a huge influence on marks on marks taxed and on us as well um uh you know um isn't had richard harris whose following around writing all these western novels about.

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