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He's got that type of swing where he's gotta be in his rhythm seeing the ball. Well timing's got to be there. And if it's not he goes from from very good to very bad pretty quickly and it's pretty pretty crazy scary. How fast that can happen but But at the same time like demand did play through injury he had the what was it a hamstring. It was quad. it was something Lower lower lower body that he played through and to his credit. The yankees team needed him at the time and he got it through it. So and he he di h through it. Yeah well is going to be the d. h. So would you take seventy percent. If i told you so you can sign up for seventy percent of stanton games for the remainder of that contract. You taking it. So if it's if it's like a very healthy stanton than yeah. I think seventy percent of him is is Is is today's game is different. So i'm weighing. I'm understanding that these guys are never going to one hundred percent ninety percents of stretch. So when you're talking about seventy percent now it's like okay. It's not even that much. That's like being happy after getting five innings of a starter. There's there's we are bar has been lowered. The quality start is no longer six and a third or six and two thirds or sixth inning. It used to be a six innings. Dr sixth inning three runs during the pd era was a quality start which is a four and a half year and i always thought why has a four and a half year at quality but shit now six innings you you might as well be a cy young winner if you're going six innings every night. Yeah so again bar. Lower demata geyser on this team. He's got flexibility to shuffle around a little bit. So i want him healthy for the playoffs. Of course that's the end goal. That's the end gopher for judge with him. He's gotta get ready hitching staff for everybody on the team. We talked about the question marks in the starting rotation. it's okay how's corey kluber going to progress throughout the year and hopefully be ready to go in september and october. How is several gonna come back from. Tommy john surgery and hopefully be ready to contribute in october. How is montgomery and thanh going to build off of their seasons after. Tommy john surgery and be ready for this it. S compensation for the entire team will be ready for october shirt. And now the it's the because the expanded playoffs are not on the table as we stand today Do you do you think that's going to get chance. Because i i don't that's just money in everyone's pocket so i really i mean the the universal donation. The expanded playoffs right now. The fact that the the fact that unit doesn't didn't put the hendra proposal is just like what are we doing here. Okay clearly you guys want this. But you're doing it for whatever rea- players getting chip it's all about the twenty twenty It's all about the collect the next. Cbs players do not want to agree to anything. The owners right posing out of principle and the owners are like here sheer conceding. And they're like wait a minute. We don't believe you. That's not you're not doing that. We with the you know you're not doing that in good faith. You're doing that. This is condescending. Or you're talking down to us by giving us what we want. No way never accept it. I made a. I saw a tweet or actually it was It was let me read this game. This is still a game. This is a quote from ken. Rosenthal article a few times. Jerry you give us what we want kenro zoro. If a deal to delay the season was going to happen in needed to happen. Long before early february when spring training camps were about to open and now that major league baseball and the players association have struck out again. They must deal with the consequences of their action. I read that sentence. And i made a promise to myself. I'm not going to get sucked in to their bitchiness. This time around. I got sucked in during the when the pandemic i happened last year and the league was shut down. I got sucked in to the bitching back and forth. I made a promise to myself. I'm not gonna do it this time. Because i i absolutely despise both sides in this argument you have a kid coming like any any moment so you have no time to worry about what these guys are bitching back and forth about worry about it. Whatever happens is going to happen. But they're going. The expectations need to be managed. Here they are going to play games. They're going to use the media to pin each other against each other in the public eye. All this will be jockey back and forth because the collective bargaining agreement is getting closer and closer and closer and nobody wants to set a precedent that will go against them when they're ready to negotiate their side of things and get what they want. All of this is horsh it and believe they're doing it again though. Yes you can believe it. 'cause my expectations are in line. Yes of course got so much criticism last year for doing it. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson right. They're not that stupid. Are they actually that stupid. Well i think that they just understand what is coming next year. They're going to not leverage themselves. In a way that's gonna make them look bad or put them in a position where they can't bargain what they want. So my god. I just working to worry about it and your frigging stressing out about it right now. Stress i just need to. You need to be an example. I just really do find it. Amazing in a bad way that they're.

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