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And now here's my conversation with my colleagues lean about a miller and sarah karlin smith i'm now joined by two of my colleagues first helene about a miller you bitch our senior agricultural reporter hello helene ah high has gone and sir karlin smith our east pharma reporter back on the podcast i dan so i am a tourist i go around to all these agencies in exchange us and and take a look you to or basically residents of fda you live this agency every day how we scott gottlieb doing after his first year in seat well i think for the most part he's keeping people on their toes especially on the food side there's been a lot of kind of surprise with how he has approached especially nutrition policy coming off an obama administration that was so active on everything from added sugar is to menu labeling and so far it seems like the commissioner uh has really stuck to keeping most of those policies there have been some delays but so far no major reversals and i think that is surprised a fair amount of people in town would run in the form of sorts her i think that m a lot of people probably are more satisfied went scott gottlieb than we might have thought one his name was first floated for a nominee um particularly because people sort of made this comment that trump flooded some more extreme candidates to make people happy they got gottlieb but if you think about it got leap was still seen as someone pretty far on the right end of the spectrum ray free enterprise.

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