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As we go to contradictory Thailand. Welcome. To the amateur traveler I'm your host Chris Christensen. Let's talk about Thailand. I'd like to welcome to the show Michael Derosier 's from the ear goggles podcast who come to talk to us about a region in Thailand we have not talked about before and I'm going to try and say it, and then we'll help Michael pronounce it correctly, and that is contrary Michael Welcome to the show. That's perfect. Contradictory I did it okay. Okay. Excellent. Thank you so much I'm glad to be. Here and Michael's a longtime listener of the show and Michael you live now in Thailand. Yeah. That's right. I'm an American ex PAT I've been living in Bangkok since two thousand thirteen like a lot of people I came here on a one year teaching contract I fell in love with the city and I've always loved traveling and and now it's just sort of home seven years later it just feels like home. Will and why this particular region that you picked out why should we be talking about contradictory? There's a lot of reasons that people come to. Thailand. We'll come to Thailand for Bangkok or to go to the beaches and the south people come to Thailand to go to temples or to eat the food. But cutting Aubrey has some things that people don't necessarily think of when they think of Thailand at World War Two history that's a lot of our trekking and hiking that normally, you wouldn't be able to do as a tourist here. And as a matter of fact, I was doing research for this and I found that the provincial slogan of country really sums up the reasons that people should go here. It's quite a mouthful coming from the United States we have slogans like the Golden State or the lone star state, right but the slogan for Kanchanaburi Province is I'm going to just read the English. Translation. A province of ancient community three pagodas pass precious Stones River, bridge minerals, and waterfall resources and I think that just sums it up. Perfectly. Excellent and could you put it on a map for us? Absolutely, it is a little bit north west of Bangkok. It borders me and mar it's the largest province in the western region. So if you're looking at a map of Thailand and you're looking at the western region, of Thailand, you'll see it definitely the biggest it's much bigger than a lot of the other provinces in the area. Excellent will what kind of Tannery are you going to recommend for us when people go to catch and Aubrey there's really three categories of things to do and see, and so I really recommend grouping your itinerary around these three topics. The first one is World War Two history. The second one is nature in the third one is history and culture or ancient history and culture. Okay and. For me I'm a big history. So for me, the reason that I went there originally was to experience the World War Two history. And that's probably what the the province in the town itself catcher number town itself is best known for. So Catching Aubrey is probably the best known in the West as location of the bridge on the River Kwai. The famous but and film starring. Eunice. and. It was the site where sixteen thousand allied POW's and about ninety thousand Asian laborers died trying to build the railway all the way from Singapore to Myanmar during the Second World War. And it's a really powerful sight of his and there's a lot of historical places. There's Hellfire Pass. There's one Poe viaduct. There's the allied war cemetery, all of which are related to this historical moment in time. Will and you said that one triple I might have with their FAI getting a cab and I say take me to the bridge on the River Kwai. I may be confusing. My cabdriver. That's right. Why is that?.

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