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The trailer the surface. Bruce have one pump. The white guy from small town jersey anwar mixed hawaii. he's a rock and roll icon. Not as cool in our own ways. Bruce and i have been on parallel germs looking for a way to connect our own individual searches for meaning true than community with the larger story of america in over the course a few days. I'll just a few miles from where he grew up we talked doesn't excite me not so that's the only guys sold as just simply not so for me boston barack map not so sorry guys aiding so they'll be talking about their hometowns are role models modern manhood and the divided state of america. Today how we can all move forward together now. They did have a stream on event yesterday. So other news from that. They announced a multi year deal with the creators of avengers infinity. War in avengers endgame. So they'll be doing that. They also launched a podcast from april dubernard focused on social change in cases of police brutality. A few different things today announced tomorrow like we said earlier. They're also testing the ability for podcasts to earn revenue through paid subscriptions for fan only content on the platform. Not the mobile stuff. You mentioned it was doing like a documentary stuff like that. I'll pay for. I'll pay for like scripted audio content. You know what. I mean stuff that is that that's like movies and tv shows that nature but just regular podcast. No they also did a warner brothers dc deal for original back up podcast. That includes stories about characters. Like superman lois lane. Wonder woman. Joker cat women harley. Quinn trash a marvel guy but everybody that you just named her i might pay joking. Holly quinn job. And all the coin i write. Lionel ritchie has a new well not new. He's been dating this girl since two thousand fourteen but they were trending yesterday and the reason why his girlfriend lisa parigi like i said they've been dating For seven years now. She's thirty years old and he is seventy one years old so people were very nearly when he was what sixty five somewhere. Yeah they know all night long when you seventy seven years old and you're all night long. Jesus christ blue choose leagues. Whatever my cat daddy. A lot of women's lionel. Richie though really yeah. A lot of women love lot of ritchie's i don't know chat daddy. They do so. I guess he so i guess he understands because his daughter was what nineteen dayton. A thirty five year old. So i guess it makes sense the understands. He's seventy and thirty s crazy. Any mccreavy for him though is just like i'm looking at her. Like why are you want to seven year old. Man why are you. Oh you're gonna does going on sale in trouble. Include from his knees hurting minutes on his knees off back action. Okay back the whole time. You're awesome women's in parliament. You take control. that's what you do that. Is your room a report. Wow all right. I'm adam though right. I who's you're given a dog a to Air expensive comes in front caucasian. I like to have a word with him. I did take edible last night. But it was only because i couldn't sleep with. I think i took it way too late time. Did you take it man for me. It was like nine thirty. That's too late too late estimate. That's why you've been a little giddy or aboard along. Because i fell asleep. Touchy feely wasn't rochat this morning but i touch. You touched her almost but today's up next the breakfast local morning democratic being a little bit of adult get day. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years but donkey dog you today. For tuesday february twenty third goes to twenty nine year. Old eric spencer of brooklyn new york. Okay let me tell you something. I am convinced totally sold on the fact that humans of a certain demographic have no idea between what's criminal and what's not criminal and it's all social media's fault social media created such a false sense of reality is such a virtual world where feelings of facts get what actually is. It's all about how a person feels so if a person feels like they wanna let everyone know about something illegal they did. They just do it because they feel like. It's no consequences to their actions. And why why should they feel like there's consequences to their actions. Social media everyday is like the wild wild west. There's so much criminal activity happening on social media that i could easily see why people would think it's okay. The show the things that they do. Okay but guys and gals slash. The fbi uses the social media for investigations. Okay they absolutely use social media post to help identify and track down. The suspects yes. You can't be online with a bunch of drugs. You can't be online waving guns in threatening people trust me to fbi. Facebook and instagram are just sitting around plotting on your dumb ass. And that's what happened. Would err expensive the remember weeks ago when you saw a bunch of brothers. Robina soho Soho channel though. What's it called chanel. Yes sir hold channel. Yeah remember when they did that. In broad daylight yes now. If you're like me. And you see the words. Chanel translates to channel. Then you acting your age seattle. Go chasing a chanel. I stick to sweatsuits and goodfellow t shirts from target than i'm used to when i saw this crime. Not only did. I think it was just ridiculous that they were doing this. In broad daylight. I said to myself who they selling this stuff to at a time. Like this during this pandemic. You're gonna steal channel bags and then take them around people who don't have any disposable income to buy them. I don't get it but it's not for me to understand. Because i'm not a criminal but eric was indeed one of those guys and that channel. What's it called now. Yeah well how did he get caught i wonder. Abc seven york for the report please bring later brazen robbery at chanel store and so in manhattan earlier. This month has been arrested in fort lauderdale florida. Prosecutors say twenty nine year old brooklyn. What format burst into the store. While it was opened on february second grabbed nearly one hundred. Ninety thousand dollars worth of goods that's allegedly brandished a gun during the heist prosecutors. Say the next day. He bragged on social media that he got open. A small boutique with what was stolen. Three other suspects still on the loose hundred and nine hundred thousand dollars worth of channel products. Sh no you couldn't help yourself. Hi eric you know. It's interesting even if there is no code in the streets anymore. Nobody's teaching these kids how to move what happened to learn from movies. You can watch american gangster one time once and realized why frank. Lucas shouldn't have wore that flow length. Chinchilla coat that for code net for hat okay. Cost him his whole operation kids. If you don't have oh jeez around you know telling you who are telling you not to bring that kind of attention to yourself..

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