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More consistent in the area will help me lodges, making few more birdies, save a few more pars and team around going. That's that's been the big goal and just continue to work on all aspects of my short. How long do you drive the ball? What's your average drive these days? Pearson I was on I love track, man. And I'm talking about a 1 18 1 1920 that speed with that carrying anywhere from 303 10 just how solid ahead it Scotty not played with a guy last week who had a pretty good Sergio Garcia and he was bombing it out there. When we played with him in Munich last week. He hits the ball along way is all you guys do. Yes, I mean, Sergio's obviously surgeries, incredible ball strikers, so private another and I've never played a surgeon, but he's hit a long way to go. Yeah, He gets it up in the air in a hurry. It goes, It goes straight up and then carries Do you have a What's the trajectory on your shots? It's a pretty high cut. Ah, I could almost all my all my tables. Don't really try and work it right to left at all. Are you mad? That your brother is playing at the Shriners Hospital Open on the PGA Tour, and you're not even though you won the prestigious Western Am I was when I realized that you're going to get a PGA Tour event before many would covet everything. Shut everything down. I was pretty frustrated. And then I realize in the US shake with that policies to get into the U s open I want I have a chance to beat into my first future events have been pretty cool. Yeah, Planning a major for you. And a PGA, Jovan and Ah I got so close on such a day on the top seven got into the U. S open, and so I was going to be such a cool experience and I'm really happy that the term is still very played. But Yeah, he does have that. I mean, cool little source of Listen, I think a little brother league competition is going to serve you both well throughout your careers. There's going to be things that he does that. You don't think that you do that he doesn't do And you've already see that early on, so just root for each other, which I know you do. I know you're very close and continue great success in Texas before you go out and make golf your career, And we're glad your Texas because I know your grandfather lobbied heavily for TCU, but we're glad that you guys were here. Your your mom and dad. Was a great influence. Thank you for the visit Pierce and hope to see soon at the golf club and continued success this fall for the For the Texas Longhorns. Thank you really appreciated having alright, you too. Bye Bye. Now, Pierce and Cody Part of the coup de Twins juggernaut for John Fields, and John Paul, a bear on the U T Golf team. Yeah, they're both hard workers from what John Paul and coach Fields say, and they're very hard workers and they didn't take up golf too early. I think that was just in late elementary schooler right into junior high that they that they really, you know, got a little more serious about the game, so they're not burned out right? Well, they would like to their grandfather was a great High school quarterback won a state championship at Stanford. I school I think Charlie could e flat Minor played a little football, a TCU and cow their dad's great athlete, and her mom's an athlete, too. So good, good folks. Thanks So much for the cootie brothers being on we're going to take a break, and after the break, we'll get you up to date on the FedEx Championship from East Lake in Atlanta. What a great great tournament. That is how this innuendo today s M u right now leading 21 14 in the third quarter. We got a tough one on their hands because Jake Spab in all of Texas state came to play. We'll get you up to date on that score. We're going to talk about it next hour in the end zone club as well. This is the 15th Club on LBJ Radio Scott and I'll be back. Right after this. What the Labor Day events begun at Gap, Factory and Gap factory dot com. Get 50 to 70% off almost everything plus new doorbusters from 5 99, including deals on gene's teas and more gap, factory or.

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