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All right so mark andrews. Last year he was tight end five and he was six and pr. He was four nine. Pbr per game. He was actually fourth and he played only fourteen games. And all right. Let's make your case. He should be in that. To your with with kittle and waller. Well i mean. I think i said at the beginning. He is equally apart basically from the the tier behind. I think the two and a half tier makes sense He has shown us production. Closer to those guys than anybody else. Except for i guess zach ertz and it's not particularly close. I think on a per game basis he was right with darren waller in twenty nineteen I was thirteen point. Nine points behind him and played one fewer game so i he's shown us the ability to produce at that not just eleven twelve and a half points per game or more two years in a row. We have no one else that that has given us that. I love the target share that he's giving you over the past two seasons. He was at twenty three point. Four percent twenty nineteen twenty three point seven percent in the games that he played in two thousand twenty. But i i wish he'd get more yardage. I wish he had more numbers overall any average six point four targets per game. It's a nice target share. It's just not as many targets as you'd like your stud tied into have on a week in week out basis. And they've added. Sammy watkins agra shot bateman. Are those two newcomers going to take targets away from brown from andrews from both the ravens going to try and diversify and spread the ball around a little bit more and keep defenses off kilter that way. So that's why i couldn't put them in in the second tier or even the second and a half tier i he's squarely in the third tier for me. He's at the top of that era a non pr. He's not in that top tier that top of that tier npr. Because i'm worried about the target. The target volume paling in comparison to hopkinson for sure. And maybe pit as well. Does this matter to you. Here's a naser stat. Mark andrews had back to back one hundred yard games to start the two thousand and nineteen season since then in his last twenty seven games. He's averaging forty nine point four yards per game. I mean that's an example of what i stalk you did say give the numbers though but sure but i mean that is i m eliminating two one hundred yard games. But it's been twenty seven games in a row where he's on pace for seven hundred and nine yards. He's only.

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