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Really like them because you never get mike but my point being that wow we that this was crazy roese and then there was a movie drought i can't talk a little movie drag onto american gangsta i got into a couple movies but it really wasn't i wasn't there for a long time and then my career crashed i got a call one day and they said listen can we meet you align and they took make some shitty fucking place in at water village that sucked nncholas we want you for this role i did the table read for the row like a year and a half early and as i walked out i told the guy no listen this role was made for me they already know so when i went to meet with them it was like i we didn't get the money we wanted to be a hundred dollars day instead of scale that you have to work twenty eight days in a row because you only thursdays off they scheduled it like that for thanksgiving we shut november and they said we have one other issue your cocaine probe you told me this from my body dropped like everything and they go we know about your prom we want you to take the script home read that and give us a call in the morning and let us know this is something you're interested in because if you you can't miss a minute of this one scene in one room so if you don't show we can't shoot.

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