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Today. Some, some sad news for hip hop fans, especially hip hop fans of a certain age, Bushwick Bill when the main members of ghetto boys passed away at the age of fifty two had been suffering from stage, four pancreatic cancer. When the ghetto boys came out, it was it was such a pivotal time in hip hop. History Ryan as music started to evolve and, you know, we have the term in hip hop, gangsta, rap, which I've never been a fan of. But it defines a certain genre of him on and the ghetto boys were definitely from that ilk. But what was different about them is not necessarily things they were rapping about, but were they? Were wrapping from gathering Lewis originated in Los Angeles. In that area, NWEA the Dr dre ice, cube the whole group, but the ghetto boys were from Houston and southern rap and southern gangster rat is different, as you would think, food from the south would be different cars from the south will be different based on where you live and the ghetto boys were the spear of that movement, and southern rat, and for, for the news today that Bushwick Bill died at the age of fifty two, I think, for a lot of hip hop, fans definitely gonna be a sad day. No, it really is. And I think you brought up, what was the very pertinent point to me was that they were from the south, you know, and at the time it was, it was east coast and west coast, east coast was the birthplace of, and then when you got in w became, you know, west coast was a big deal, but for us that was what you listen to, you know, when, when he came on day by day, it's more, you know, those things got you excited in for us. It was. Something that even if you couldn't relate to the life, they were talking about you relate to the things in the places that they were mentioning. And so it's, it's a huge loss, and I think not only people from the south or from h town from wherever you were listening to music from at the time, I think everybody will have some type of feeling about losing someone who is really a legend in creating a space for rappers from the south bay. You know, wasn't necessarily a huge deal before them. The a lot of respect being paid the Bushwick Bill. Some of you may not be very familiar with the group to get a boy's Bushwick, Bill himself. But what made him also unique in the red game is that he was a little person, right? And all about hip hop music at a certain era was about being hard and tough. And whether it's tough MC toughen streets. But you got this little person out there, who was, you know, talking everything you hear about the streets gave a different persona to certain people. And for little people around the country, they were in the hip hop, music. He represented them in a way, they'd never been represented before just way Ryan was talking about how the south was being represented right in music. But a lot of people paying respects to him including ice cube. He put on Twitter, quote, rest in beats to my homeboy Bushwick. Bill from the trigger happy blank, ghetto boys. He never backed down, even though he was low to the ground, a true original, you know, that's what was so. So funny, though, Eve's about his voice was that, that was the last thing you thought about what you thought Bush would Bill. You're right. You know. And I don't mean thing you saw lasting right? Right. I don't mean just as voice in a way it sound saying the voice, he created a rat like that wasn't even how you saw Bushwick, Bill. I remember one of my favorite mart episodes is more and God jumped Morton is I jumped on my little people, and Bushwick. Bill was the leader of that group. And the way he was talking to Martin Carrie. Himself. He was six to in his mind. Right. And that was the way he wrap. That was the way he carried himself. And after a while that was the way you felt about him. And so I think it's I think is really awesome. That, you know, these other great rappers these other legends and rep are kind of giving him his do as to what he meant to hip hop, who else thinks they're six to a closer to five to who's L Dunkin, but see. She got us a real six to kind of personality persona too. So I get it. I don't mess with her. Don't let it have some hills and be stopping into somebody's living room, real quick. To the contrary. I actually think have short man syndrome, which is where most of my attitude comes from, because I'm just all bark and no bite odor. I know a lot about the. Definitely scares you off enough to even try. Crazy. Right. Right. Right. Just don't wanna know because then you gotta make a decision, L, let me because we're talking about Bushwick, Bill passing away the age of fifty two in what the group ghetto boys min at the time, and most things music, always bring stuff to you. And we were talking about being from the south all three of you Ryan and I grew up in the south unit Lanta Atlanta had its own different aspect of southern hip hop music, and that whole thing, but the link of that, and the representation from the south being able to have voices could be heard on both coasts. How do you put those things together in the wake of Bush Bill passing away? Yeah. I mean you know you you've mentioned it. I think that Atlanta, especially old Atlanta hip hop. It's anonymous with fake outcast but even before head, you know, the dungeon family in general, and DJ's that used to come from here, and the sound that we kind of we had to kind of take Miami sound for that because it was the farthest south that really resonated nationally. So I mean it just meant a lot because you felt like it I would go back to the source awards booed off stage, and they just kept saying the same thing, which is has something to say and I just like that feeling so incredibly proud, you know, we didn't really have sports teams to cling onto in Atlanta growing up, so being able to have like Outkast who was hours. She talked like us and talked about things that we understood to happen. And later TI and paving the way for guys like future in to change. Now I mean it's incredible to sink, like how far has come in terms of hip hop, and how they're really powerhouse when it comes to putting

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