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I can kind of see see. This is probably the pyrite a lot more inbox than we do. Hire to that a lot of people out there are probably up there in illegal legal but and cheating ways so that would piss mouth no end. If I'm just running game by Rainbow Rainbow That would to you and F- you know having the having the ability to fry in those lobbies does make great content and that's kind of that's their livelihood essentially too so I can kind of see it from you. Know Great Games. Funny moments make good Youtube Videos. Make good you know twitch or clips. Twitter clips interim Sarim clips in that. I'll drive traffic to their to their various different platforms for for more money on their side of things. So even though it's not for it's not in a tournament that kind of stuff still matters and so if they're have to try if they're fucking have to be real sweaty the whole time it's potentially impacting their bottom line. Yeah but yeah. I agree but it's just like at that point in time like they're complaining about game because of their own money. Were complaining about the game for some of its mechanics. That don't completely blunt. I agree with that but don't don't complain because I'm not GonNa make any money because I can't get content put up because I sweat like you already have enough money dude. You're Yucatan I know. Yeah I mean I talked about it a little bit in the last episode spent a decent actually decent amount of time on various things. I thought about warzone. We haven't obviously you haven't been able to talk on on the podcast about like overall I guess would what's your thought and give me like three three major things and you'd be fixed right away. So I ran has Lewis done in my head before but now I can't I know number one for me is sound. I can't use any footsteps for the fucking life me. There were less five to ten times when I played two nights ago last night or day that I would I would kill from behind and just be an enemy to standing two feet right behind me in his light me up and I would hear absolutely nothing in them. Welcome to the sound for any footsteps is just a fucking trophies. The sounds for for vehicles is bad too. I was playing last night. Was Sean and I'm sitting there shooting somebody and the only reason the only way I knew a truck was coming. I'm you is. I happened to glance the radar. I was like Oh shit. Like there's a big red birth coming my way and so I got away but otherwise you know in the middle of shooting. I couldn't really hear a massive fucking like trust issues with cars. I don't think but definitely per footsteps from enemies are just terrible a little and a lot of the lot of the issues for me to drag this out too long but comes from all the additional sounds like when your cash rings Yeah Kill streaks when you're capturing recon point.

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