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And when we go to a comment on the website and get your response does because later because this is certainly understandable this kind of sentiment this is liver who writes i'm sick of hearing how damage these people are setting another human being on fire for nothing more than amusement is sociopathic and deeply evil yeah a lot of people felt that way i can understand that yeah absolutely uh in the book you see a little bit more how the whole thing unfolded and how little forethought their wise i had an interesting experience uh last week i was at a has his call in nevada talking to some kids about this book and when i got to the part about the fire the teacher said you guys see i keep telling you you know i see you all the time bringing lighters to school in china said each other's hair on fire and this is what happens and i thought i ha that's what it is is that as adults we thank who would do that that so crazy and so stupid because we don't know how the brain works you're going to somebody to help out there exactly but it's a fairly common thing for kids to do actually well sasha's mother debbie crandall is on the phone with us and the like to bring her into discover sison divvy crandall the to have heavy with welcome i first question shasha or used to be looked on which emily his at mit how are how are they doing are they are doing gray there in their senior year and now be graduating tune yeah they're very happy there and driving in great and i like you response to i mean there were there were many people who understand we felt when your child was literally set on fire that the perpetrator their deed was evil and should have been punished severely and much more perhaps than one would normally made out of the way of punishment in our criminal justice system for juveniles yeah um well when it happened at all of our arab how really on scene that emily emily um recovered and um had our port we did and my first hearing my now you.

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