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VERY UPSET OF AREA. Upset so mom. Would you like to read towards your kids? What's the protocol we'll believe keyword? You're dumb donkey article about trump just confirms what a bunch of Babylon Baptists Butt heads. You really are hiding behind a computer like the LIMP wristed spineless Jellyfish Morons. You certainly are. How many words for the person that wrote this to your son? Ouch I love the just the alliteration of it sounds like Daffy Duck. What a bunch of Babylon backed up by ADS. I've never heard my mom's say but it's before so that was hesitate where she said. I did say but once when he was a kid and And when brought home from hockey there was a note signed by on all the children. Saying Your Dad Mom said but assigned by so okay. I witnessed it. Well you were telling us before that you saw comment on the Babylon that said whoever wrote this has issues with their mother or something. Yeah yeah they're trying to work out what they didn't get emotionally from their mother when they were young can cayo? Who wrote it so hard on people. Who Love You guys? You're not supposed to read. The common number aren't people. I really worry about though that they go as personal as possible onto a stranger on a comment on twitter. Like you got problems. They have to go that deep like they were trying to cut as deep as they can in some strange personally. The remittances serious strange. Yeah people they need help. You need help so we did it. We did our first filmed episode. Is it yeah taking? I was trying to picture what limp-wristed spineless.

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