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Wmel weather channel forecast looking thursday we've got sunshine all over the place to few clouds but to get a time to take out highs just a few brews blow average 85 i'm meteorologist ray schick from lord there channel a double and currently in our nation's capitol sixty nine degrees at five twenty six on dumping aid l the obama girls at allala palooza in chicago and malia looks like she had report aid too much vine over served should they not be photographed should those things not be news are they still offlimits even though their father is no longer the president jeff in west virginia good morning year on mornings on the mall jeff good morning four where'd you own crate it's thursday a beautiful i i don't believe they should be more than everybody well uh i want to share monitor no she's not a minor so why should video or is this just because you are a daughter of an expert she's nineteen so if she was drinking we don't know we don't know maybe she was just tired when she was take you know when she was in the gulf car we don't know abud ishida was she maybe she's just sleepy if if she was had been drinking then yeah she's drink king underage his nineteen years old so in that aspect she is a minor but she's nineteen she's over the ages of eighteen which says she can vote and she could do other things legally just can't drink therefore we should be held accountable just like anybody else but do you how how accountable were you when you were nineteen exactly and in fact i got 43 after our well let's just way a little about over much stop that stuff can be rough jeff thank you so point great week it is 527 a wmal you have no desire to do anything to get up.

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