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Working today in the next two weeks on this Dover. Intelligent design thing. What is extraordinarily about? This trial is oh the religious fundamentalist Christians. Simply lied lied. Lied by to the point in which the judge in the middle of the trial. Goes, you know, Mr. foul. There. You know, Buckingham you were winding. This is perjury. This is a federal court. I could have you on contempt and which it at the end of the trial actually, put the people up on contempt. Just the whole process of line is to me has so invaded our our culture, and I have to say that Fox News. Twenty two years ago. I mean, you know, you began going oh my gosh. And the amount of people watch it, and then you get into deceptions the whole thing of deception. There was a very interesting documentary. I just watched on whatever it's up counterintelligence, but but the section, and I have to say that halfway through it. I being going, you know, I don't know who to believe anymore, and that's a really dangerous place to be and as a country we are. And and they was back to that young lady who said well, God is my bus driver. And I go oh my God. She is so vulnerable to anyone who comes around. And I think that part of that has at least in the area than I am in this lack of critical thinking, perhaps is encouraged by the religious upbring. Bringing that they go through, but these people vote. Well, I think it's.

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