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It's me. Bard number one. The number one foot boil you gotta do is trust me. Johnny g joining me as always in the high and mighty studios is my nearly silent co host Arthur Gabor's, Arthur crushing that Nyla boned up. Please. If you have any issues with the bone, please tweet I mean, it will affect my decision making going forward you fucking losers. Speaking of awesome, guess magin. I use fucking losers for that transition. Joining me in the high and mighty studios another long islander deal with it fans deal with this shit ED's. Got Pat grass Yosi Graciosa. Did it right? You gotta write edit in another oh at the end. He also how you doing? The name where you can just keep tagging syllables. Yeah. Well, let's rally. Names. It's that I didn't have a coup last name for like gym teachers to yell at me like, you know, like Jim teeters call you by your last name, gut Gabor's good over here wasn't like Gracie. Pack. We'll just come on do push. Yeah. I had my gym teacher called me. Grab this garbage. And Gabe, boy was my teacher and football coach my gym teacher called me. Grab ass or garbage. So grab ass off on the rope. Not going to have trust me when I say, I'm not going to be on the climb. That rope. Can't do it. Police. I barely want to have my little be cups bouncing around in this t shirt, I gotta run around in the gym teacher tried to do it. That's what I wanna see. Yeah. My gym teacher was so fat and more sweatpants. Usually what happens. Yeah, they're not fit in the slightest. And I think there's two tiers gym teachers, and they they go across genders to where there's like the older attache sort of like military esque gym teacher where like do his is saying. And then there's like the young jockey Jim teachers who are like they're wearing like like, not wrinkly Adidas where and she played like college basketball. He played college lacrosse trying to relive the glory days. Yeah. And they're like sort of really Atlantic, and they're like all the bases. And you're like, okay. Done fourteen to say, we can't outrun you. And we will like I I had a gym teacher growing up who this was in fifth grade, and he was very like creepy with girls. And I never understood it and I'm looking back. I'm like, oh, yeah. He was like a weird, dude. He would go up to like behind girls. And like if they had ponytails pigtails he'd go like. Like grab the pigtails. Who? This is this is fun right showers. We showers do it. Anyway, your Clothes clothes. from pretend like you're shower. What? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I feel like not to stereotype gym teachers, but at least gym teachers of the eighties and nineties, I'm sure there's a small percentage of also creeps. You want.

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