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Congressman Kurt Schrader this are going to talk about social security let's get to it the news starts now from ABC news hi Michelle Franzen in a five divorced with decision the Supreme Court today rejecting the trump administration's attempt to end the daca program which provides legal protections to nearly six hundred and fifty thousand undocumented immigrants brought here to the U. S. as minors California home to the largest population of Dhaka also known as dreamers while she's celebrating this day Natalie ray as the president of the Latino victory project says work is not done yet because daca is not permanent law is in the Republican led Senate you know we hope that they do the right thing by creating a permanent solution for this ongoing eight problem daca recipients here in California are being told to renew now to extend their status Alex stone ABC news Los Angeles Facebook announcing its removed a series of political ads posted by the trump reelection campaign the social media company says those ads were removed saying quote for violating our policy against organized hate the ads which derived Danker dangerous mobs of far left groups of protesters as it's written featured a large upside down red triangle which resembles symbols used by **** in concentration camps trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh telling ABC news in a statement quote the inverted red triangle as a symbol used used by anti fast so it was included in the ad antifa's an anti fascist political movement a tell all book by former national security adviser John Bolton said to be published next week but the justice department is looking to take legal action to stop at ABC's Catherine folders as reaction speaker Pelosi said John Bolton's book is quote interesting because he was so arrogant during the house impeachment inquiry she said Bolton quote chose loyalty over patriotism and call his book a substitute for testifying before Congress Lucy said she has no regrets about the impeachment inquiry adding that she's proud of the effort you're listening.

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