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O'clock this morning. And then after that wjr just keeps on rolling and to tell us about what's up ahead this morning, Danielle Mason. Okay, so right after the home appliance show ADM until 9 a.m. we have the car show not am until 10 we have the rich Paul show. And then from 10 am until noon. We have the inside outside guys, So that's what's happening on wjr this morning. Thank you, Daniel. It's a question regarding our wolf Fool Washer energy dryer. She's from Farmington Hills. This is surely good morning. Surely thanks for calling. And I may we help you this morning. Well, good morning and thank you for taking my call. You're very welcome them my world pool washer when I lift the lead It does not shut off. It just keeps advocating. And I never noticed this before, because every time I lifted the lead, it would stop. But now it keeps going in the agitator. It just seems to go one way and I'm wondering is that Normal, or is it supposed to go back and forth well is supposed to go back and forth, so we know that we know what's wrong with that. Now, how old is this washer? I'm guessing at least 15 years old. All right, well in regards to the agitator, there's too little. We call them dogs in the industry and their little plastic. Pieces that fit in underneath that top agitator. You see, your agitator is a two piece agitator. Okay, and these dogs fit in underneath the top piece. So you've got to take the agitator out of the machine. And when you put the agitator on the floor First of all to take the agitator out. There's a nut. Ah, bolt in the center after you take that top off, you can have a long handle wrench. Where you can go in there. Remove that bolt. That not then the agitator comes out and it sits on the floor and then you grab the top part of the agitator with your hands. You should have somebody do this for you. Surely going to get a handyman Come in. Yeah, So anyways, you list the top up on the agitator and you break two little pieces of plastic but nothing to be concerned about. And then you ordered these two little dogs I'm talking about. They're not expensive. And you placed them on the slot that they fit into, like where the old ones are, and that fixes your agitator problem. Mm. Okay, it says easy is that now as to the washer, the lid switch. When you open the door, you activate a switch. You'll see a little hole where there's a little plunger goes into the hole on the top of the machine that activates the leads, which and that let's switch is defective. Which is a very common problem on your washing machine. OK, so you order one of those, you get a handy man to come in because he's got to remove The cabinet on this machine and you need to be aware of how to take that cabinet of parts Not hard to do takes a little time, but a good handyman can do that. And you have also, you're going to get to get my email here. That Donald is going to describe to you. Donald, There are executive producer will describe how to me. Email meet during the weekdays so you can get that handyman prepared to do the job for you. Okay? I have a quick story Would you recommend? Ah, Handyman? Well, handy man who knows what he's doing. First of all, maybe has worked on washing machine, uh, before in the past. But those are ants. Before because, um, had problems with it. And he told me that my washer because of its age We should keep it and get it fixed because, he said they're not making the new one's as good as the one I have. So am I only Go ahead there. Yeah, he had it repaired a few years ago. Yeah, something new. The switch. All right. So now a Zafar is finding a handy man. Uh, you might be best to go to an appliance repair shop. There's one right there. Next door to you in Livonia called Dylan Rods. Appliance but around, huh? Around for 100 years. A great story to deal with. They sell new they sell used, but they've also got a great service department. Good to know good to know that not tell you quick. Pardon me. You okay? I'll tell you Yeah. You. Good. I'm gonna tell you a little story now about washing machine, Okay? Yes, And I got involved in this because the legal aspect of it they wanted me involved in People sold a store Solar wash machine. It went out to our home. They exchanged the washer for whatever reason, when the store brought the washer back to their store. They bypassed the lips, which They bypassed it. Which means the machine does What yours? Does it operates with the lid open? Yes, a little too. Little two year old boy climbed up on the clothes dryer opened the lead to the washing machine. And while it was spinning and I went, and when it's spinning you it's spinning that fast. Let's put it that way. Correct. The little boy jumped into the washing machine and broke all the bones on his lower extremity. That is what happens when the lips which is bypassed, and then this store didn't realize that they had bypassed the lips, which they didn't fix it and hook it back up. So the little boy suffered some serious serious. Physical damage. Now you had a question about Aji Dreyer is well, surely yes, And it's It's old to at least 20 years, but I think inside that must be a felt. Lining and when I dry my clothes, some of the clothes, mainly the light, lighter clothes come out with kind of a stain on it, And I don't know if The dryer seems to work. Fine. I don't know if that little aligning could be repaired. Or, um, if I just need to get a new dryer. Well, let me answer it for you this way. If you have somebody come out to your home and tear that dryer apart. They're going to replace a new felt seal that's on there. And you're right. It's a felt seal. But they're also gonna find rear shaft bearing is bad. They're going to find the front glides are bad as well. You might just as well I'm going to invest your money in a brand new dryer rather than spend the money to fix that. You're gonna spend 203 $100 fix your dryer. Okay, well, then I'll just get get a new one. Do they speak top loading dryers. No, I do believe all dryers. Her front loading Dyer's Okay. Well, then you helped me a lot with the answering my questions. And you might take a look at speak Queen Washer and dryer, the best washer and dryer made ever in the industry. I'm glad to hear you.

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