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I just think mentally Joshua was kind of going in and out. And we've seen that before. He kinda gets lost in the corner any. I don't really think he he. He absorbs what he should be absorbed. But if it's gonna help immensely yes bring someone else in yes. I'm i'm gonna go out and say this because like you said josh was already in. His thirties is a second time. He loses badly on the big stage. Maybe it's time to bring in someone else. Just like wilder wilder did but you know you can go buy a different way. Bringing someone finely tuned that despite show you how to find the end the jab fight taller go to the body bringing a strategy now just follow around a fighter like lucic so yeah this time around. I said bringing someone. Yeah i just didn't like the strategy at all. I mean one of the things. I saw with dirt zora against ucla. Was that in the first few rounds. The pressure of jessore got to uci to. Sora just couldn't maintain that pressure because in his late thirties and doesn't have the conditioning for that. I never outside of like some spurts in like the fourth fifth. And sixth rounds. I didn't see joshua applying pressure. I didn't see him. Try to marshall those physical tools in the ring. So i think you gotta go in a different direction. Wladimir klitschko and lennox lewis could be horribly boring but they were enormously successful because they were trained by emanuel steward. Who groomed them to use those physical gifts. Joshua is six foot six. He should be using his physical tools as a weapon against smaller fighters. So if if we're at this point of careers rob mccracken anthony joshua and. They're not doing that. I think it's time you'll is no longer with us but maybe somebody else i mean you mentioned trainer changes ben. Davidson is a great trainer. But you can't argue the success that sugarhill has had with tyson fury sugarhill brought more offense oriented approach to tyson fury and that helped fury pick up the knockout against deontay wilder. I'm not saying. Make a change for the sake of mega change but if you identify somebody out there that can bring something else out of you. That hasn't been there yet. I think you gotta do it. I think we're at that point. Sergio where it's we're just going back to rob and going back to. I'm not even just talking about the trainer. Like you gonna change everything man like you gotta get out of the uk for your training camp. You gotta make yourself a little bit more uncomfortable. Go to the. Us go to big bear colorado springs. Just do something a little bit different to try to get some of that fire back that you had early in your career rocky going to russia right. I mean basically. But you've seen that though two guys i mean i don't know if you change your training camp location but i see it all the time in boxing guys you know bounce around to different places and have success because of it whatever whatever works man. Whatever we're the fighter. Anthony joshua doesn't seem like the mentally mentally unfit guide. I'd get that starts blaming everybody so you got to like the fortitude. He has there. So i think you'll just want to regroup with the exact same people maybe get out of the uk but you know it was a game plan and a strategy. That went wrong with them. And here's the thing about your sewer. You brought up your sore. You know what you did that he had success at joshua did not do. He used his physical tools..

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