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Get his age. Enjoy yourself phase ember. A major question. What do you think? Definitely velveteen dream. Yep. Definitely on that in that class. You could just look at annex t right now period end of story. Well, keithly. Matt riddle one match, but he who you consider rookies though, that's a That's hard. a hard who's a freshman. We I'll tell you right now for me rea- Ripley. Yeah. She's. Niger? And that match was as sad as you made it sound to the the Teague inox injury. Yeah. Bianca Blair last episode and exte-. Oh, yeah. Definitely Bianca Kabila villa. Montas Ford as well. Because he's definitely he's definitely a star. And I don't know if when if Eloise industry puppets break up if it's going to have that impact. But once he's free to run one of the singles Wesley he's going to be a top top top. What about Shawn Michaels? He's he's popped up recently. No, I don't think he's gonna making my list. Here's another Nathan writes us and says. Mm up Merrill. When do you retire wrestling shirt, plus undertaker book contest entry? Hey, Pete and stat hardly. That's pretty good. I know you're connoisseurs the finest wrestling merge, but I was wondering what if the right time to hang up a piece of clothing for good of Adra tire few pieces of merch, including a HOGAN shirt and a.

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