Oprah Winfrey, Klu Klux Klan, President Trump discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Problem what happened is that morocco boundless color that was the issue people did not want to offend the skin color and the same with oprah winfrey they want to run the skin color just started going to have triple still gonna have woman okay and skin color and that's what they that's all they have but you gotta remember now consider the sources list is coming from the democratic party history teaches us i'm not being biased to go study at both history teaches us that it was a democratic party for 245 five years held black people has chapter sways the democratic tie the score created the klu klux klan to enforce the jim crow laws against black people for punished yours was democrats you see and the and the and the policies that destroyed the american black family came out of social ideals other democratic party you say consider the source the democratic party my opinion is probably the most racist political entity in the history of humanity on par with the nazi germany nineteen thirties employees okay you figured it out about 10 of figured it out but i guarantee of oprah winfrey runs for president and three years there's going to be 95 of you black folks are going to vote for oprah winfrey and she wants to wants to heal the nation what the hell does that mean then no bomb have eight years to heal the nation then we'll bomb eight years to build up the black middle class then no bomb have a years to improve black urban schools that are failing a dysfunctional if that didn't happen for those eight years what the l's oprah gonna do not the intent of the socialist agenda that comes out of eastern europe that comes out of russia remember milder remember trotzky linen and and and and what's the other guy mark the whole idea was to use crises in and broken situations and country to create chaos and his lip in government control over the people as so as happened is associated you know taken over completely to stem across party and the black guys that were not called.

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