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Four year old sophia. Juarez was at home in kennewick washington. One of her relatives left the family home to go make a quick stop at a nearby convenience store for milk and after he left sofia decided to follow him in the bright bubbly young girl who would have turned five. The very next day vanished into the night never to be seen again. I'm marissa in from wondering this is episode. Three hundred and one of the vanished so feel were as storied. Please remember that you can receive alerts and newsbreaks on developments in robert durst murder trial as well as new episodes of season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst by subscribing now on apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts again if you wanna refresh your memory on where. The prosecution and defense are heading with their arguments in the trial. Go back and re listen to episodes from season. One and head over to crime story dot com for in-depth coverage of the story. Jury duty the trial of robert durst is created and produced by carryanne police. This episode was written by molly miller. It was edited by molly miller and alexis bartolo with help from brittany bookbinder. It was co produced by molly miller alexis note of our tolo and britney bookbinder music was provided by strike audio. Thanks for joining us. And we hope you'll come back for the next episode of jury duty. The trial of robert durst..

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