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That's technology but the ethics of that you know what i said to my blog is you have to treat a brain as a person that rain is that person and we and we might have to change our legal definitions of death and person hood him because right now legally it's a corpse the law does not account for the brain in jar but the minute that that brain has is no longer brain dead yeah is it a corpse right yeah it's so it should it shouldn't be and you used to always talk about on the show whenever we talk about those like scammy head transplants like these like it's body trans it's not a head tran where all this stuff sounds so much cooler than body transplant it makes it better headline jay jay well you doing to me but when we're talking about taking pluripotency cells and growing brain from scratch who is there to consent i think we're a long way from that the bottom of i think so too much time to think about it right it overlaps with the discussion when does an to the point where it has rights we have to treat a entity specially if it's a hybrid like organism shea is by on it if you weeks since we said let's move on jay who's that noisy time last week i played this noisy.

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