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I'm Kim McAllister in four Brett burkhart, the annual laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown at Arlington National Cemetery. Well, look a little different this year with vice President Mike Pence subbing for President Trump. Who's in Japan correspondent, Kristen Holmes in Arlington Virginia? Also going to hear from a variety of military leaders during this Defense Secretary Shanahan the joint chiefs of staff done for the big event. And it's one of the biggest events that happens during this weekend. President Trump is on the state visit to Japan. He's supposed to be maintaining a United front against North Korea. But correspondent Bob Costantini points to problematic presidential tweet, it must have been part of the conversation on the greens. President Trump delivering a tweet from Japan on a subject very important to his hosts North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others would not me. Not only was that going against his golfing partner of the moment. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Ave, but also against his own, national security adviser John Bolton on Saturday Bolton called the short range missile launches violation of United Nations resolutions. The president speaking at a Monday morning meeting with Ave. I personally think that lots of good things will come with North Korea may be right. I may be wrong. Bob Costantini, Washington. Both retailers and consumers are feeling the effects of the trade war, correspondent, Krista, Alexi says companies have serious concerns, not just about tariffs that are in effect now. But those that may be to come luggage mattresses handbags vacuum cleaners. But it's also the threat that President Trump is putting out there that he's going to impose tariffs on an additional three hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods that would affect eventually tax all goods.

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