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Do you know what I mean? Because a lot of the time people have like a fan rain. Yeah. Yeah. And then getting a re eighteen biggest fan. Yeah. And my grandma and and they're aggressive grandma's in particular. Don't under. I tell you elder does. He's not playing grandmothers. Do not play games. They're touchy. Yes. Very Nazi bunch there. And they've got a firm grip. I had I had one grandmother came up to me at a meet and greets, and then she grabbed my ass. And she said to me, I don't have much time. Let's do this. I believe it. Yeah. It's a very there's a lot. I tell you a lot of times I'll be like in their grip. Yes. And there's a whole rub. Yeah. That's part of the photo. But yes, I go stunt grub rubbing a little side boob action is living. Best life. Yeah. Grey's anatomy has been a show that that that's had an impact on many people because you don't what what really intrigued me about the show when it kicked off was you have the show that shonda rhimes created where it's spoke to so many issues that were happening in the world, but it didn't like specifically or explicitly hold amounts. So for instance, you had a black doctor who had grown up in tough circumstances. But it wasn't like his story part of his life. You know, you had an Asian doctor who was dealing with her family and her world you had a lesbian doctor who is struggling with how she told people about our sexuality. But it was never like this is the show about woke nece. In fact, I would even say it. It's amazing. How rarely we ever if ever we mentioned any right? You just happen to have these people in positions of power and worthy of respect. And they were you know. That's why it's such a pioneering show everybody always said you couldn't do that. Right. Nobody would watch it. Do you think? That's why people connected with it. Because it was just it was about human beings. And they happen to be thinking started with the heart. It started with extra humanity. And it's not that's not an Asian surgery. And that's the hang that somebody you'd love not. It's not the black chief who. Who's demonstrating that? He's black by doing or saying something ridiculous. Yes. Just he's just a matured Weber the way you said it knowledge just picturing like what what is the black search like this next jive? Yeah. But let's talk a little bit about that. And we'll definitely been somewhere somewhere. It sounds like a sketch. You've been doing it for so long that I feel like you should have like an honorary degree. I couldn't I could be a fully United surgeon. You think you know, like some you know, enough fake medicine to do real medicine. I could I could slow your death. Bye. But you know, it's funny as I said before I've had I've definitely had at least two instances on a plane where somebody has gone is there a doctor on the plane and then flight attendant looks directly at me lady. But one thing, you know, about unlike anybody else on this flight that one thing, you know, about me is I'm not a doctor. No, no. But these don't fine. All right. Just go through the motions. I don't know what this is how bad of a. Under stretching. CPO I go Cavs fads. View. You to life going out happy. What is that side? Nice. Little you're directing in Gray's anatomy. Now the episode. I yeah, we have another episode. I directed is this Thursday. Congratulations. That's like a That's like big..

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