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S tax yield. 806 87 51 90 to Chicago's home for sports, ESPN 1000 I'd like you to meet someone really special. It's black and abdominal. Real inspiration was on the ground at Black Inn at ESPN underscore Chicago. Wait, Tony. Seconds to second pick 20 between Bonta Adams and Julio Jones. So, yeah. Adams or Jones? Adam, You don't roll tide, baby all day. All right, So we're going to Julio Jones. We've drafted too. Most of my chagrin. We went with blacks strategy, and we picked two wide receivers, calling him with the running back after now we hit him with the running back because it is a PPR full point. PPR. We don't pick for a while now because it is a serpentine draft. Okay, So it's our first pick our first pick. Woz, seventh overall pay seventh overall pick in the ESPN Chicago Fantasy League. Presented by Miller Lite League five. Eyes that the league name were in league five year There's 10. I think there's 10 leagues, so we did not get Michael Thomas. We pick DeAndre Hopkins. Thomas went the pic before Now someone was listening. Picked at seven. So asshole think someone ratted on us. But then But then my second plan is still coming to fruition, Perhaps where we get DeAndre Hopkins and then Cuyler Murray. I like that. And then we can buy Kyla Marie shirt seas if we want Teo matching I can't wait for that. I heard tired. Eric laugh through through the glass. You guys skipping to work together, so we'd be riding you Have you guys seen in the West loop? Now They have the little scooters that people just like tosses side. I saw two people on one scooter to yesterday to for you to hear. It was wobbly. I was worried about it. Okay, because, like those things go kind of fast if you Fight it on that your face plant on some pavement. Here's my problem, so no, sir. I will not ride that people that are in this draft that aren't drafting. What do you mean? This is taking too long? Because they're you know, in the auto automatically takes the full time like I know that you know, the auto doesn't take the full time. They're people that are taking the full time and I appreciate that, But I feel like in the first three rounds like it's pretty. You should be there for the first three. Not you should be there. You should know what you want, Teo. What you want to do should be like, all right. Cool. If this guy's not there, I'm gonna take this guy. This guy's not there. I do know that we took the entire clock to figure out between what we did it. So we waited till we were onto Adam's Giulio Jones in the queue. You knew it was in the queue. We waited, so we were on air so we could talk about it on the air. Like we did that on purpose. And this is all brought to you by Miller Lites, the ESPN Chicago 2020. Fancy football championship cold, refreshing virtual style this year because I can't be in person. So the draft is taking place tonight, and we're into the third round in what? How many pixel Where would it be fair were 12345 expects to be fair, though. In the past during the fans Football convention. We weren't a part of these drafts. Now. This is like an added element because we're not there. People get to be in Leeds was going to be like, Ha ha. I beat you. Yeah, That's what you do. Fancy football beat you eyes while doing their league. Here's Here's my other problem with this league. Speaking of there's no Ah No trash. Mahomes has gone home homes is gone. All the horses gone Round three. Pick one team grabby. Whoever that is. And now do do person is on the clock. I'm sure this is riveting radio. We're coming up. Hold on. We're coming up. So cap someone in someone on the someone in our league has capped shower as he liked as his picture he like and his name is Cafs Burner team..

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