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Investigation is continuing shouting wearing masks is not a crime thousands of protesters are braving the rain to March in central Hong Kong as a court rejected a second legal attempt to block a mask band at pro democracy rallies Annika ran in Hong Hong Kong reports that demonstrators said despite the law people are in the streets defying police and wearing masks we are why you why you wearing a facemask when this is bad you could be fine you can go to jail for you they said this is our lives out human rights civil liberties we are fighting for them we basically did the police to come and arrest us Sunday services are going on as planned after nine houses of worship were threatened by email one man has been arrested because of those threats some of those churches held services on Saturday with no issues one of the churches threaten was first United Methodist math this church in well okay church officials say they're not changing security protocol in wake of the threat they're confident the matter is being investigated thoroughly minister Caleb Williams spoke with channel seven news I know that we have folks to take our our security seriously here and we've done training for all kinds of situations a thirty three year old a royal command was arrested an investigation is ongoing and in sports college football the Buckeyes beat the Spartans that final score thirty four to ten Michigan defeated Iowa yesterday ten to three on a homecoming afternoon in Ann Arbor and the red wings dominated in a five to three victory over Nashville this is a bye week for the Detroit Lions checking traffic.

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