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I'm a leader i'm a friend i'm a patriot come a coach a dad an occasional trashtalker i'm a lover of orange juice and a social butterfly i'm not just a man who survived the devastating car crash that nearly took my leg i'm john scott and i'm a fighter in two thousand sixteen john was rushed to uc health in two twenty seventeen he returned to active duty on his own two feet qc health live extraordinary run by denver to start the third quarter force really donovan into an early momentum stopping time out here we just fight ninety three seconds in third quarter mellow has it he goes baseline through the lane he goes dribbled off of his leg loose ball comes down to brewer brewers at the free throw line guard by mill sat back over to mellow in the pain turn around fadeaway baseline jumper is up tough shot nicely back down to eight sixty eight to sixty barton has it up the right wing and he gets fouled by corey brewer on a touch fell for those two guys could be brothers could make corey brewer and will barton denver basketball in the side still nineteen seconds on the shot clock inbound goes into coal yoga yoga's chases murray out of the way throws it over will bart and here comes bill sap on the elbow millsaps one on one with mellow squares up to the rim puts it on the fourth of left hand swats it out to barton after he lost it going up barton for three that was way off the mark rebound comes down to adams adams gets the outlet pass over to westbrook westbrook is on the high right side working against barton shoots right over him jumper no good but a foul on barton barton tonight four page shooting ten points four rebounds in west to the free throw line here to shoot a couple of them for the oklahoma city thunder it's the denver nuggets golden anniversary joined the fund the moments and memories have only just begun the denver nuggets fiftieth anniversary season proudly presented by key bank and western union.

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