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And for the ever panthers up the road on five zero three, the Tri County North Panthers Fall to coming ten, twenty, six nothing try village shuts out Mrs Cinema Valley Fifty eight nothing with Fort Laramie and try villages wins. They will be playing for the CCC tile both teams are five now. You know talking about try village not to take anything away from Fort. Laramie. But considering that it started only a couple of years ago try villages football squad. It's amazing. How the Patriots have. Really. turned. Around. and well, I shouldn't even say tarnow out. That's not the right phrase just how quickly success has built up a new Madison so definitely. That'd be a fun match up to see Fort Laramie and try village week six for the regular season title. Are. Cana- defeats Bradford Sixty two to twelve. And so you national trail was postponed because national trail had a big heaping. Spoonful of covid nineteen. In fact, it's shutdown national trail. That full defeats Miami East Twenty eight to nineteen. move onto the South West Buckeye league as eaten shuts off Franklin seven nothing middletown mass shots out nor fridge thirteen nothing value defeats. Milton Union fifty-seven. Fourteen to snap a two game losing streak prebble shawnee defeats Dixie forty-two Fourteen of the schools will be in the way to the Western. Ohio Athletic Conference next year. Bell Burke Defeats Brookville Forty Two twenty one oakwood takes one away from Monroe Twenty, three, twenty one and Waynesville twenty-eight Carlisle six. Onwards to the Miami Valley League. Back from the Kovic suspension west Carrollton in Fairburn did play however the pirates fell to Sydney thirty to twenty and the Skyhawks fell stems twenty, nine, twenty one. Pick their now five and now the Indians Defeat tippecanoe twenty eight to three. Troy Hands Greenville their fifth loss on the year by forty two to six margin and xenia seventeen band Elliott Butler twelve. To The greater western Ohio Conference, a shootout in Ohio Star. City as Miami's falls not to North Mont Four, hundred, thirty four. If you don't know that storyline Flange Schneider. Getting his first look at the I shouldn't say that he's been there for a couple years now. Senator Third Year at least at Miami's Berg but he's looking has former school in North Mont.. Thunderbolts went into not Wayne. Defeats fairmont Thirty One, twenty, four, Springfield shuts out spring borough forty-one nothing and Centerville rolls over Beaver Creek. Forty. Nine to ten. Up to the central Buckeye conference we have North Union. Taking down our band fifty two seven Jonathan Alder defeating Springfield Johnny Thirty Eight.

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