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Serbia blocked Kosovo's membership of the international policing body. Interpol sends the political temperature soaring Hensel a dean's decision to drive us on minor road. He's expecting said communities in this part of Kosovo to put up roadblocks in protest, and if we stopped it could get uncomfortable for him for tit-for-tat measures between Belgrade and Pristina make everyone jumpy coming to on top of endless talk of moving the border. Hi evelyn. Nice to meet you. And chopper those discussions have earth. Painful memories of the war jewelers eighteen now and tells us about the night in March one thousand nine hundred nine when the village was attacked by the forces of Slobodan, Milosevic them. Them. The grenades falling explosions. This is all I remember. The big noise is the big fear all of us leaving things falling around us. And did you walk out of the village that night com? Gone, then he should ni we had to walk all the way to Albania. It was five thousand of us. Everyone fled twenty one people were killed five still missing. And the village was flattened chopper became the most ravaged village of Kosovo jewelers home. And every building we see here when newly constructed after the war when the villages returned under the watchful eye of the NATO,.

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