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Disease to be driving why they can do it yet. Wow is he ready to custody out. I got really people around right. The weird thing about our connection is that before. I even knew who you were. There was a girl that i was friends with. And i used to be buying drugs off number one and just taking with her a little bit. I never was messing around like that and nothing but she would be telling me about this crazy as boyfriend that she had like she. She said the name a few times. But then i started seeing the name popping up on youtube or like friends even friends telling me about like. Oh you fuck with this do break baby and then i realized you're the crazy as boyfriend. That is driving my drug dealers. Saying and i'm a small world there. He is so a crazy story so and she was friends with little w. Got together. When i got out the goatee right right around this whole time. I'll tell you what i'm saying. I got out. And i got to some shit like shootout. So where where. I was living. I'm like man you know. I'm fresh out so i'm but i'm like. Look i'm fucking around debbie. That's my girl like girl. We kind of like going around. But he i'm like look i find it other front of mom's house we i a i gotta go lay lows. You like come over here. Bring all your globally. Stay over here. So i started off over there. And then her roommate saying keep peeking out the door. So i know my animals start this shit going out so funny. Because debbie's have like harlow dues. Come nice thing. I'm gonna go sleep in their own. Go sleep so. I was leaving the other over there like you know sleep. It turned into wake it up like this. You know for show but are you. Are you the kind of guy where if you start dating. A girl is a pretty good chance that you're gonna turn her apartment into a bandeau for sure. I don't know if he was good. Take that out. I going to have his mind at that. Because i'm ready. I'm any female that i fuck with. Fog was many elite nigga just or people have dropping in bum but i flipped with so many elite people that naturally was in trapped together. And all that shit that any grow fuck with. I'm turning your status up by even having you around..

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