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I'm Louise Schiavone President Trump is on the road today. Addressing the nation's opioid crisis at a drug summit in Atlanta, Georgia Johnny Kauffman of member station. W A B E has details. President Trump is speaking at the prescription drug abuse and heroin summit. He's called the opioid crisis public health emergency. Then congress has allocated billions of dollars to fight it the centers for disease control and prevention says drug overdose deaths continued to rise in the US some seventy thousand people died of overdoses in twenty seventeen. Those the latest year for which federal data are available to thirds of those deaths involved an opioid Johnny Kauffman of member station. W A B E in Atlanta. The European Union says Facebook, Google and Twitter are improving their efforts to combat online at your Fearance ahead of European parliament elections next month. But is Teri shows tells us from Brussels EU officials say better isn't good enough. This oh media. Giants have agreed to report. Monthly to the European Commission on the success of their measures to take down fake accounts and require more transparency and online advertising in Europe the companies want to avoid legislation forcing them to do. So e you officials say the latest reports show overall more aggressive policies and policing, but to little sharing of data with outside experts and notification of users who might have been affected by breaches. Teri Schultz reporting from Brussels on Wall Street at this hour, the Dow is down seven the NASDAQ up eleven this is NPR news from KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer. With this local news update gasoline prices are now running well over four dollars a gallon in many parts of California. The AAA says that's a dollar more than the national average and governor Gavin Newsom says he wants answers for what's behind that price difference..

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