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Our our why are you doing. I'm fine and yet you know in the conditions were all eleven dipoto with gotta keep all mental states in a good position. So i suppose avenue chat to you. Keep me going because it made me. Think about things in the past paul yet which is always good. Yeah you know there's folk boulders into thought that quite law which might end up with dementia these days because we had the bowl too much. Yeah so we've gotta be Going to keep this brain book. Go in paul and Doing student shows like yours is help. Absolutely welcome all to aston villa through the years class of eighty one champions in their words. And you roy. Dennis we're going to take that trip down memory line and remember the aquasonic season when aston villa became champions of england forty years ago but before we get into that. Let's give a mentioned to the book that celebrates your achievements are have each in front of me here. Sent by mr dance mortimer. Thank you sir. Aston villa first division champions nine thousand nine hundred eighty one fortieth anniversary tribute there are social media platforms. That fans can visit to reminisce on facebook. It's a forty forty anniversary. Tribute page and on twitter. It's quite simply ivy forte and the website that toys it all together is ivory forte tribute dot com blown of works hard enough. Let's begin very good. Excellent and this season began at lead. You know heated at ellen road but before that let's go back to the preseason denison rounded assembled a tremendous group of players. You used fourteen players in that connick and history-making season seven of which were ever present. That's quite extraordinary and open doing a little bit of research even to your back. Four were originally forwards. But you looked at something. Kim preseason so and gum. We've got off a chance. What was that moment that you saw long. Well i think. I'm i'm looking at a program here. Now from the alien in the season given the the much facts about the preseason toil you mentioned yeah we went to germany to play some games against awfully. Well what run thought would be some tough games because you know you want to play two games. You don't want him to easy because it's too easy and you in the game su easy and you just don't know where you are. What you looking for rarely is going to be else..

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