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To from burn a fire that started in an ambulance engine compartment eight firefighters were in the pratt street at the time but no one was hurt they called for backup backup and quickly put out the fire the building an ambulance and an engine all sustained significant damage firefighters that operate there have had their office space relocated but can use a structure on the premises that was not damaged the fire department says the community will not notice any reduction in service due to the fire arrowsmith kicked off a arrowsmith kicked off its farewell tour last night in philadelphia peace out black crows open the show the four -day date tour is celebrating the band's half century of music tickets are available still for the rockers september 27th concert that's at dc's capital one arena the book the bridges of madison county was adapted into a film by the screenwriter of the notebook now is a musical it's playing at signature theater in sherlington there are people coming to see our show who have very high station and we don't disappoint mark evans plays the clint eastwood role of traveling photographer robert ken kade while aaron davy plays the meryl streep role of housewife francesca these beautiful orchestrations supporting the most lyrics profound by jason robert brown he is the modern day stephen sondheim it's one of the greatest scores written in the last decade you and i the show runs now through september 17th at signature theater jason fraley wtv news do you know the phrase beer goggles well a new study looks at whether alcohol really makes other people seem better looking 18 pairs of guys in their 20s were brought to a lab for a two -day study to rate the attractiveness of women in photos and how likely they'd be to want to see them again one day the drinking buddies got alcohol in their cranberry juice cocktail the other day just the juice the university of pittsburgh study found being intoxicated didn't affect how good looking they found women the but it almost doubled whether they'd want to see them again researchers say while it past doubt on beer goggles it does lend credence to liquid courage neil i can't stand w t l p news sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by red river technology decisions aren't black and white think red well the looking sports at world through his clear glasses j brooks i had lasik so i'll take you up on that

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