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He has given up 9 home runs in 60 and two thirds of them, 9 bombs and 62 annex on the road so he has been having that issue now for Charlie morny has been able to get a little bit over ten and a half strikeouts per 9 and he says, well, and for Taiwan walker, last time he faced off against the online braves, it did not go well. He gave up 8 runs in Atlantic. I certainly think that we're going to be able to expect a little bit of a better effort here from our good friend mister Taiwan walker as Jacob look what he's been able to do over his life sensors he has given up three runs or fewer in 8 of them was able to get up off the mat, 6 strong innings against the Cincinnati reds to be able to shake off while wound up happening against Atlanta on the quiet side, but we do know that this is an Atlanta race scene that they do have a whole bunch of power in their lineup. You've got awesome Riley who's been able to bought it two 95. It's cooled down a little bit recently, but so let's make them a few supply 30 plus home runs for this bunch. William Contreras is very underrated in my opinion. Igo Z for a 16th armor on the season yesterday easing a two 60 Ronald lacuna junior 360 five on base. He's been sold at being able to move the line battles and over the last 30 days. He has really been able to pick it up in terms of the 8 home runs over the course of his last 95 at bad stance V Swanson. He's able to give you 15 plus home runs. He's getting at two 90 along with Michael iris the second and then for the mets, it says about an equally impressive light up as well. Pete Alonso, one of the big leagues in terms of home runs on the road biases. If he has been having an amazing year this year, hitting it two 80, 29 bombs, 97 RBI. That's towards the top of the managed Lake, starling Marte to be able to move the line knitting at two 90 Brandon near more Francisco Lindor, marcana, only between about two 64 to two 70, Jeff McNeil, sitting above a three hour, and for the mets, this has been a top 8 bullpen in terms of VRA overlays 45 or so days. They've been able to really piece it together. Michael givens is that bubble they expected when they acquired them at the trade deadline but edamame sub two 5 eura Adonis Medina is someone they like is a long guy south Lugo has been much better in that sort of bridge role to Edwin Diaz, who has been the best closer in the big leagues this season for Lugo, sub two ERA over lives for 8 days, but for the Atlanta Braves, AJ mentor has been rock solid all season long and seen a couple of falters

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