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Hospital of Philadelphia explained spinal fusion. First surgeons cut opened the back. Fairly long incision where the muscles are dissected off the bones of the vertebrae then they install screws on the sides of each vertebra or each bone along the affected part of the spine next. They feed a metal rod about the width of a pencil through the screws. This something like braces for the spine and then those are used to pull the curved spine over to a straight alignment then comes the fusion heart. The surgeons breath and up and break off of the vertebrae to trick the body into thinking that it has a broken bone in response the body starts to grow new bone than bone graft as lead on the back of the vertebrae so that as they grow new bone. They sort of coalesce and grow into one long bone between all of the vertebrae. It's like a biological welding of the spine. Spinal fusion has been around since the early nineteen hundreds and it's had many iterations over the years the farther back you go the more mixed reactions you got from patients Eliana. Bergman is thirty three years old originally from Florida but currently living in Jordan. When she was eleven in orthopedic Doctor told her her scoliosis was getting life threatening. If you don't have surgery you're probably GONNA die. Your rib-cage is going to collapse. And your lungs are GonNa be. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to breathe Eliana. Had A couple spinal fusions the first one thousand nine hundred nine fused basically from the top to the bottom. She knows spinal fusion potentially saved her life but it also came with muscle spasms and nerve issues. It didn't get rid of her daily pain. It just changed it and the surgeries permanently restricted her motion and just like a big piece of metal or wood. That's just very stiff. If I'm bending over forward to for example tie my shoes I literally look like a piece of wood just bending over like I don't have a curve and natural curve to just be able to bend over. It doesn't happen but in the two decades since Eliana. Surgeries spinal fusion has had major improvements. The metal rods implanted along. The spine have gotten more flexible. Recovery Times and long term side effects are weighed down these days. Spinal fusion is the gold standard in scoliosis surgery. Here's Patrick Eho again from the children's Hospital Philadelphia for a child today that.

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