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Inside my arteries and determine my risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease. If you're over forty call lifeline screening now for just one hundred forty nine dollars a savings of over fifty percent, you'll get a five screening package that can help detect the warning signs so you can help prevent a stroke or heart attack from happening to you. When I got the results I went to my doctor who developed a treatment plan lifeline screenings community health screenings are coming to your neighborhood appointments are limited make yours now. Call one eight eight eight three test. That's one eight eight eight eight three. T. E. S T one eight. Eight three test. Calling into your show. I love shaking my head breath of fresh air time caller, join your show invited. Really killing me. Stop by thanks for taking my call sale. Oh, hello? My hand have some fun. The drive with Leigh Matthews. Every weekday afternoon at five on NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay? Smart home technology beautiful window coverings with Mark shades by Budget Blinds and lutron, easy and affordable, automated shades that open and close at the touch of a button. Budget lines is North, America's number one provider of custom window coverings, and lutron is the most established named smart home technology. So now you get the best in both fashion and function with our beautifully styled smart shades where your local experts and we do it all for you. You just sit back and enjoy the seamless functionality of smart home automation to program and control your shades get style and service for every budget. Call eight five five budget lines for your free smart home consultation. Eight five five budget lines just call now. Eight five five. Budget lines or go online to budget lines dot com at participating independently owned and operated franchises only. Ask for details. I am the mother by entrepreneur. I am a senior. I'm an artist Emma journalist businesswoman, and educator a grandmother, an advocate a leader. I am a friend. I am. I am. I am I am. I am..

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