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Everybody misses today on doing it. They don't still I always to the left leg, and pull the MAC and shot at through that, right? It's puts the speed to it. Right. The quickness of the bump going down. Now you guys grab it and they hop in. All right. Unfortunately, the best person to do it to me is a chick. But when you put in Sharm clotheslines to signal that you're gonna port. Yeah, because here's another thing that I that I got from from your career, which was Michael PSA's is idea. The stunner, would you taught me and pay the Bill North Carolina. Hey kid, come here. You got. A second, Dan. Right. To do show me, the stutter I went and started using that for a couple of months, and he said, you know what he would want to have a setup move people know that it's coming like Robert yet. Telegraph graphic. Here's the showroom clothesline. You know, his go for the DDAT look there them. -ticipant. Oh, yeah. Well, we got him now. Any Saudi slipped down? But it's a setup when Jim short short on clothes land. I think as doing the shore before that, actually. But then, again, that's maybe that's one of the problems these days because they don't have road trips actually said down thinking about shit. Right. You know, if you remember a lot of good shield taller, a road trip who he had. Yeah. That's all you You did. did. And you drank right? You know, I've ever the days back, when you drink four or five years, you know, you beat Loof as you can go to more bears betas ass. Jack Brisco whatever you don't have that time to think about talk about it, and you're not on guys to do it with. I know today. It's a corporate thing or whatever and these guys don't hook up or whatever they're missing a lot. You know, and I think my greatest ideas were in a car rotten down road in shares stuff. Right. And honing your skill. You know what they were you ABCD eliminating go his way. Right. Right. Right. How, how would you go about calling you're matching ring because you weren't a guy who I really ever saw Saint nothing? Right. I didn't see either. I usually did it. Right. As we did it, right? Give the guy time to think about doing something else. Right. I grabbed the gun raising knee kid, you know, shooting mom and usually my spot for one moves, right? Keep it simple. Okay. But once you heal obviously, you've got a lot of spots. But then as a veteran baby. Yes. Still working spots us to call on your shit. Yeah. I want to tell Cowan granting. Telegraphed. Yes, you by your on steamboat. You talk to any just telegraph. Right. I go outside go round and corner, we've been working Marmo, but my end up tapped manageable, Tennessee. Grab my input in boast Ronnie Garvin. I worked with Ron. You know Jesus Christ. She never talked much with you ever told him, I'd be beat the hell out, Ronnie Garvin Yasuhito back then, you know how when he'll make his back. Get hard swear. To god. Really? Yeah. I'd be willing to shoot out of him and looked down in his nipple who starred Guam. Kill up and he start one. Why did you say that you'd listen to the crowd is a hill, but you did not have a baby? I think he's a baby face. You just kind of went with. Right. Right. See, he'll if you're not getting exact tone thing that you're in it's not time go on. Right. We'll he'll you want to get him, right? Where you want. Right before you unleash right? Maybe face your salad or you're doing whatever I and you're going to do you don't know. Change your goddamn comeback, anyone. Right. And thank ready. You're going to stop and start over. Right. But you heard them, but you weren't relying on that to digest two nine change anything. Right. Okay. Who's deal? It might stop. Okay for we get to the movie recorded. I want to ask you as a heel, you and your prime. One or two of your favorite guys to work with because. Thanks doubt today. Mojo. Yeah..

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