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We had a really good time going to talk to Greta. gerwig about this movie will share a little about that conversation. I've been here also plan in New Year's game it's called GonNa take my horse to the old laying sign. We were going to be joined this time by A. Ah with Jesse what happened here. This is the second week in a row. This is not an accident. I T's up last week so a few so coming now. In on January seven is a new book by Cory Asbury a wreck love and he of course is a songwriter of reckless glove. He sort of been on a sabbatical this year. But we talked. We talked a few weeks ago about his book. And it's it's a devotional it's very good and so we're we're doing. I'm doing an interview about the book. But we start joking around and we are having a lot of fun because as listeners know he has sparked a lot of dialogue on this conversation about casual azules dining and the perks of casual dining restaurants. He is the holder of a chick-fil-a black card so low so just for a little context and he was playing a chick-fil-a corporate event and instead of an honorarium instead of taking payment for this he told me that he asked the good folks at chick-fil-a corporate the headquarters if he could have chick-fil-a black card which would entitle him to have free Chick-fil-a for for life. All you do is show this car to get as much much chick-fil-a as you want. We start talking about that on on our podcast. In how the you know the dream scenario for US would be to get or a Chili's lease a quivalent of that guard. The good folks at Chili's heard this and delivered to not only Chandler got some Chili Swag but he also so has what color is your card Chandler. It's red red native metal right. Yeah yeah yeah extremely rare talent. It'll it could be a one of what it could be gory. I've talked about his book. And I I bring up the CHICK-FIL-A card and how you know it's helped us here the the chilies car for Chandler. And he told me about the drama between him and Chick-fil-a and how they changed the basically the what he was entitled to with his Blackheart. And it's it was a game changer. Somehow I don't know if I'm supposed to say this or not but this inquiry on today somehow AAA has gotten involved in this and show polay is courting him with free food to try to be an exclusive club holder for them so anyway. Doing the interview Corey and my Corey. Why don't you come on and we'll go hosts the show with with me and Hakko whole episode this morning I got an email from him and he has strep throat last week? We're SOSA prompts. On the Friday show he got sick. Had to text me last minute. Corey said he was willing to power through if we really needed him to. But I told them protect those pipes. My man protect those pipes is important. They are too important to churches around the country on Sunday mornings. We need those pipes crank out some more worship tunes for us. So Corey is is will not be joining US unfortunately but in the game that we're playing that he was that we wrote with the intention of plane there is sort of a hat tip to tyler. There's there there is it. Okay we're GONNA keep the hat tip but it's not gonNa make a lot of sense without that context so we're just going to but you know what there's the inaudible like I said we're not even starting on the rails today this all that I'm not bothering trying to make sense out of it. There's a game. It's it's going to involve part of Corey Story. You and instead of Corey. I suppose a listener. One of our listeners is going to be calling it instead and try to help for that. And they're GONNA have to hope for the best hope I have. Let's say an unusual amount of knowledge about fast casual dining chains. I would be surprised. Never AH listen between between the Popeye's chicken sandwich and you know get named dropped in county. It's been it's been a big big year for fast casual tiny we all about cash. Then I think we thought we were going to at the outset of twenty nineteen on my if we thought we were going to or then. We even want it to Tom. It'll be it's going to be a good we got it we got Greta gerwig coming up. We have the game coming up. Hollis coming up but CAN I. Can I talk to you as real quick before I don't want to Belabor this because we have so much content to get you and you had a really great conversation with Greta a growing tyler. I know we WANNA play pretty much in its entirety because it actually took place out of her pretty special location right. Yeah we we can get into that now but they but they were. The Studio is nice enough to fly me up to is in Concord Massachusetts which is where a little women obviously upset about the book and the movie and we had the conversation. Louisa Louisa May alcott's old home her like it's called the Orchid House now than where she was raised us where she wrote little women. It's where she set little women in her mind and it's where I interviewed a girl so lots of history between a famed interviewer talking to a beloved filmmaker through a classic novel. Really no end to Just how much history has been made in this household but you had a spoiler cows. You wrote a note here to ask you about something. I'm just going to let you go for a jet. What would it sounds like Christmas.

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