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Yeah yeah i know people don't agree on that like a lot of people like city a lot better and i'm sure people like this second game better to the office beck around to asylum it's interesting to see that penn thing so i mean it didn't our top one hundred all right it is april which means it's time to visit our retro magazine rack and we're going this week or we're going back to april nineteen ninety nine the april nineteen ninety nine issue of electronic gaming monthly let's get in the head space of what we were playing in nineteen ninety nine cover what does that playstation one places he has to on the horizon in sixty fours out there i wasn't reading jim because i was reading jan for free yeah in that time yeah that's like early early days number outmanned yet so the cover story the cover story is gamers choice awards i would go to a coffee shop that had like one of those like tv web surfing setups you're surfing the web on tv yeah it was great did you use a mouse and keyboard yeah sean touch or something anyway cover stories the gamers choice awards they're picking the best of nineteen ninety eight these words are coming out in april obviously i think we all know what the best of nineteen ninety eight awkward time by consul yeah do damon you've had these i mean we do this once a month and i love the magazines from the eighties because they're so crazy but this is the first one that i've been like this was my ehre like oh i've gotten a few comments from listeners we do stuff from the early nineties late eighties and they're like man i wasn't even born yet.

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