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But everywhere she goes she sees pictures of wilson everywhere even in hit a muzzle random places their rooms that had just all the huge photos of this white men peering down on your right so i'm when you see these county shirley phil like was his university met for mirrors is still really meant for white men who know i happen to agree with tunisia how do you think princeton became one of the wealthiest universities in the world the places ground zero for rich white guys just walk around campus there's the carl icahn laboratory that's carl icahn rich white male corporate raider billionaire there's the frick chemistry laboratory that's henry clay frick white male robberbaron the firestone library that's the rich white guy who started firestone tires the basil center for neural circuit dynamics you know the rich white guy who founded amazon look over there is to lewis center for the arts that's peter lewis the white guy who started progressive insurance the john sculley center for the neuroscience of mind behavior scully a rich white guy not to be confused by the way with the other john sculley a rich white guy who used to run apple this is the even richer john sculley who manages billions of dollars on wall street do i need to go on rockefeller hall richest white guy ever of course this also a b bloombergcom emma bloomberg not a white guy except wait she is the daughter of michael bloomberg super super like forty three billiondollar rich white guy they don't hide their identities at princeton they put their identities on every single building on campus.

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