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Anytime, you want to the conservative circus, just download our free iheart radio APP. I have your ring massive, James t Harris. Nor just added friends roll up on me. One of our sister stations. Because, you're wherever I'm driving around. I gotTa tell you the truth by the whether we're talking bumper stickers. A we're. Talking Yard signs. Trump is like he's he's out doing biden like eight, nine, ten to one. Yeah I mean, the polls are saying that he's trailing or the polls of saying he's neck and neck. The polls are saying that president trump is losing suburban women. All we're hearing is all he's lost a suburban women. Here's what's real crazy. These are the same polls. That suggested for years ago that Hillary Clinton would be our president right now they were wrong. James, t you telling us to ignore the polls? Yeah. Pretty much I am. Just, like we did last time. Not only do you need to ignore the polls you make to make sure that you and your family and your friends all go and vote president trump. Here's something interesting. You got all this noise out there president trump losing the white suburban women, and this is what's showing in the polls in. We have all kinds of polls at this year are reflecting of the vote for for for white suburban women. But one of the stories is talked about very much. Is what took place in two, thousand sixteen and how Hillary Clinton lost. The black. Vote. Two States, Florida and Michigan. Florida. Hillary Clinton got eighty four percents black vote I wouldn't say that that's losing. But here's the problem. Back Twenty twelve you had Obama who got ninety percent of that vote. She didn't do as well and trump got eight percent. If Hillary Clinton would have got ninety, ninety, five percent of the black vote. She would have she would have won Michigan. Same thing goes for Florida. and. If she wanted Michigan and Florida, she would What Hillary Clinton need. It was a little bit more hot sauce. In her bag swag, she needs to go to a few more black. Churches. And she needed to. Get into her southern drawl I I always been tar heels. But she didn't. And? The reality is. In twenty. Twenty. President trump out got six percent of the vote eight percent of the vote of Black Volta in two thousand sixteen if he were to double that if he were to get six percent more. If you were to get fourteen or fifteen percent of the black vote, there's no way. Joe Biden could win. President trump would be reelected. You don't hear people talking about that. Do You With the black vote even though we have a blessed going on even though we have a Hashtag walkaway going on people not talking about that. They're also not talking about Hispanic vote. There's a Hispanic M m a fighter who actually said something quite support quite surprising extraordinary. We're GonNa let you in on something. The Democrats just think that they're entitled to the not Novo they think they have to hand it over to. Nash Right. Showers. How don't? I see me. See me. They gotta show us what they can do for us how what they do for our community, right? When going to buy the same wolf tickets and false promises, destroyed ray countries like Venezuela Cuba, all not going to happen. Oh, he went there. What else is not gonNA work for them. Playing this by seat on your cell phone. US A straight shot. Had Joe Straight shot to give us some credit for having head on her shoulders. GonNa wrap this up. Some words of Barack, Obama. WHO said elections have consequences? That is true in those words I've never been more true than they are today. We the reelect president trump and keep America great. Amen. We let Joe Biden. Destroying the greatest country in the world has ever seen and there it is. I'm telling you. I'm telling you professional athletes, MMA fighter. He's talking to a Latino crowd breaks in English and in Spanish We could. You can't pander to me just like Hillary Clinton hot sauce in my bags way you can't come up and play some song on your iphone and all of a sudden automatic mixed both start going to start. Voting for you. Boy. I was if we can all sing like this. Oh. What a joke You got more on ACP hearings coming up your chance to win. Okay we're trying to get hired Latino ratings by playing the song. have. I. Seen those trunk and conservative circus. That is fantastic. Three. Here..

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