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Goo 'cause he was on my list. I was going to get to since you mentioned him. One of the breakout guys are standout guys at least of this summer league you know triple. He's he's on a treaty. Made the triple a all star team. He did. That's what this is. This is tuck it and this is one of those guys. A lot of people had projected inside top twelve ish. He slips down into number sixteen that pick was traded multiple times before eventually settled in the hands of houston. Boston originally had it. I gotta tell you someone from boston. I'm sitting there watching plan like g. Think the celtics did use a three-point shooting big man with all those skills like that seemed obvious. But what i mean again summer. League statistics are meaningless. Which point that out but he looks like he has some real nba skill. What do you think people are missing on him early on you. I think a couple of things number one. The the trend of the week to go to position lists and you know malmo versatility and things of that nature. But then you know i. I know this magic team fairly well. and i watched two years become a really good. Nba player and you know knicks. Ide your classic. Nbs all-star which he's been twice now. So in shangkun. I think you just have to again be creative. One thing i learned about basketball. And i i can't believe i'm saying this. It over forty years now is that it's all cyclical and we all like. We were like we were playing position. Lists at manhattan college. You know mid major. Because that's the. I had six four power forwards and so this small ball stuff but they always have draymond green small position. Let's now this is part of basketball. It evolves it's it's circular comes back in bow. And i think kids like schengen. Just have to find their place in the league because You know he's a kid with a great feel for the game he has great rebounding instincts. He can pass the ball eventually. He's going to be able to shoot two three. Trust me on that. It's not going to be an issue And he's actually moved his feet a little better than people thought so. I just think you have to cut. What what what. I think the biggest thing would international kids. Chris that you and i have learned over the last decade is tell me would league. He's playing in and housi- playing because if you're doing it in spain like we should have figured this out i had i had eight and one donncha too spoil. We what we should have figured out as the acp is a really really good basketball league. You know bowl right below the nba and so when a kid is dominating in turkey the way schengen did as an eighteen year old. We should probably been a little more aware earlier but remember now. It wasn't really till the last two months that he rose up the draft boards. I think that's that's that's often when i talked to team executives one of the most difficult things about evaluating international players which is looking at the league they plan. You can go back to jaanus. Playing in the reason. The second greek league there and i remember talking to people around draft night where it's like. He's kind of playing. It's guys do you see at the y. In a way like dominating it was high level high school that he played in. Yeah and maybe the same thing is true for percents like they don't know what they're looking out with the turkish league but i feel like sometimes i always say this brand sometimes just believe your is like the guy is playing.

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