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Maybe he's gonna win points on that but for the most part. You're not impressed with this guy hockey moral for a if we again we really. It's much too early to know. But i think he got china's attention and He a in. We'll have to see how that plays out the so called. Phase one trade agreement is is not much is. We don't know whether it's going to get to the heart of the of the issues of so. I'd given that i also we give him on. I think i rated reasonably on the use of force which is that there has been a degree of proportion discrimination and his limited attacks on syrian chemical causes. Was i think what about the level of obama should have done but you can plead the chapter before this omanis. Somali strike came afterwards. And i think that's a case where for reasons. I mentioned earlier. He lost his sense portion. Right so my last question is about donald trump administration. There was a giant spurt of writing about the roles based international order. There were people who said it's over with that. Trump represents the end of the rules-based international order. There are people who defended it. You gave a qualified defense. I think it's fair to say the rules based interactive order wondering. I have no idea of out how much of this book was. A response to trump. Who and a response to this this conception that were this idea that the rules based international order is either defunct or not worth defending. It was this while he brought high impart but the book actually has roots. Go back much deeper. i'd never heard with donald trump but not in the political sent When i was thinking about this. I think there is a lot of talk about the end of the liberal international order. What i say. The book was dropped. The word liberal difference between liberal international order which is will sewn in which tries democracy and we ought to realize it when you have a great power like china they don't wanna be liberal and there's not much you about that in the short run at least but rules-based there still is a a role and going back to that point bad axe rodney's to shins and the long shadow future chinese have an interesting certain rules based dimensions and climate is probably the most dramatic was so i think we don't wanna as we get rid of the losers about the liberal international order. That's not the same rules-based international order which you begin to get cooperation in the production of public goods. That i is whatever is trying to make a distinction. That's great joe. Thank you very much. This book is an excellent book on many levels. It's like a lot of great books. It is both accessible to the general reader. But it's also theoretically very sophisticated. Both i think it's fair to say that both novices and experts Thank you. I tried to write for real people. The law fair. Podcast is produced in cooperation with the brookings institution. Thanks this week to joseph nye for coming on the show. If you have a second please. Share the l'affaire podcast on social media. And give us a five star rating and review. Wherever you found us you can also purchase fair swag at our online store. Www dot the law. Fair store dot com..

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