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Hey there. Russian. And it's a good one has been. Okay, governor Tony you talk about a return to civility where have you been for the last eight years, the SEC who's driving this stuff? I mean, Republicans call it Walker derangement syndrome for a reason. Very good reason. The implication, as we note here in the piece is that this people before politics democrat, Tony will bind up Wisconsin's partisan wounds inflicted by the Republican controlled legislature, and particularly conservative governor Scott Walker as we know there is enough ill will in Wisconsin politics to simultaneously, choke, a donkey and in elephant, but the new governor seems to discount the seeds of all that nastiness the left's unhinged hatred for Walker and anyone who would dare help him deliver conservative reforms to state government. Hey, we can disagree on policy and we can disagree vehemently. But catch Monday's edition of macgyver institute. Shameless plug for you. But we talked to Senator Howard Mark line southwest. Wisconsin. You should see the emails that he received over the extraordinary session over that time period. Civility died a long time ago who killed it. That's the question. Tony Everts needs think about probably should turn to his left. Maybe. All right. Got to get on outta here. Always enjoy being with you. Thanks to tire producer until we talk again kettles, say make it a great weekend goodbye, so long. God bless. News weather traffic, and the no nonsense perspective of an honest, man. It's Jay Weber weekday mornings six to nine..

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