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Oh very powerful and for the longest time. I thought you know it had it was associated with your job. Your work realized that okay. I that way. Because i'm a capricorn for me. It's all about work But no it's actually nine. It has a lot to do with the element of your signs. So i think this is a really powerful article. Made me see things differently and beyond say you say that. Because i like sh- her sign is probably one of the most powerful signed was signed sheet. Got my god. Herbert vibrate the same day. Did you just figure that day years old also kicked in the grammys last night too right. She's the top leader. She has nine all right. So let's see let's find out what shin-ei what her purpose in life is hello shin-ei learning people warnings so for gemini. Gemini is in air sign because of that. You're one of the most outgoing and social signs of all the signs. Now geminis purpose in life is to bring people together. They may not realize it but they're tendency to talk to strangers at a cafe or shop or make sure that all people are invited to an events go a long way in in bringing people together. you know. i have to agree with that. I do. I talked to all kinds of people. Have you will be looking at me. Like i'm crazy but i do. That's your purpose is to bring people together and sometimes you do that and you enjoy that. You don't realize that. That's your purpose where i realized that i i gotta my eyes in the back of my head. I said hindsight twenty one eight. What's happening accent. She deals with a lot of people. So it's a good position for her. So you're the right view. Do yeah i really do. And i don't want a day and he was like what i told you. The lady asked me why so happy. That's the question everybody should want to get. Why you so happy. Have a happy thanksgiving do. I'd vinnie vinnie. What you're saying. Yeah i'm gonna aquarius. Aquarius all right. So aquarius air signs. So that makes you repeal really with authority. you're also the most compassionate sign that takes up humanitarian causes. Now your purpose in life is to make this world a better place whether it's by making advancement in any technology or by volunteering for social causes. Aquarius you need to teach the world the value of compassion and generosity. Yeah definitely a very compassionate definitely a very compassionate person for sure that that sounds pretty good. Sounds like you hit the nail on the head right there very nice. Yeah he's now. It's your job to teach everyone else to be like you. Oh yeah that's gonna be definitely going to be a tough one. That doesn't going to be a tough one for sure. I just want to tell you guys. Happy thanksgiving shut off my board that k and and i hope you guys have a good weekend. Say happy thanksgiving. Christie the scorpio it's up christie more. Hey so call for scorpio. You are a water sign. Which makes you the most passionate sign of all the signs scorpio. Put their one hundred percent into whatever they do. Scorpios are either all in or all out. Now your purpose is to show the world. How passion is the magic recipe that can that you can add really anything at to make a great and okay and second say i don't want to show the whole world debt christie. You have a great thanksgiving tomorrow. Thank you yell take john. Jay virgo virgos in earth. Sign which is why your analytical and reliable. You're always looking at how things can be better and how everyone can live in peace. Now virgos are the fixers are also very hard working so your purpose is to sweat it out and make this world a better place just like beyond say extinct things you'd be on say you really are truly born on the same day tentacle accomplishment. Didn't you were in houston once over four years. He's buried to chase the europe. Jonathan jay z. Nine grammy nominations. You have nine grammy. Nomination tried to buy t shirts for a mini midi connections overall the cayo for libra libra. The air sign. And because of that you like balance and justice they wanna hear both sides of the story before they take a stand and now your purpose. Libra is to use your unbiased. Fair stands to fight for the practical cause of the world and to make it a better place. I will fight. Yeah rich for pisces You're a water sign. And that makes you a highly connected to emotions. You're extremely creative at intuitive promote art music poetry or any other form of expression that's a creative outlet for the soul. Now your purpose in life is to promote our and stuff expression okay. Good i love that you can do that with music joe capricorn. Since kaplan is an earth sign. They offer support credibility and reliability to their friends and family. They're the true examples of friends that are family now. It capricorn's purpose in life is to teach the world the importance of nurturing and supporting loved ones. I've always noticed that that's just an me to like. Try to support someone and help someone and nurture everyone though. It's interesting how i didn't realize that. That was in a category at the catholic. Which is hard workers and didn't do all that nurturing but it's in the sign if we didn't get to your sign it's up on our website at jonty enrich dot com kyle. What's one store. You're working on for three things we need to know. There is one a holiday gift that has completely blown up like in a good way. It's like selling out everywhere. It's not the xbox and it's all because of netflix's. I'll tell you three things you need to know next. Which on jane rich what's it. We need to know for three things we need to know. Or what do we need to know last month. Net flex had the queen's gambit at number one for quite some time and if you didn't see the show basically it follows a female prodigy chess player and now chess sales are going through the roof. You guys there's one toy analyst who said literally chess sets out of stock like everywhere they say sales. Were up over a thousand percent because of the interest in chess because of the queen's gambit so if you were thinking hey maybe that maybe be a good thing it might be kind of hard to find him than hunger games..

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